This project is a kind of software based networking. The wireless routes will be only allowed to be based on UWB technologies because it allows very high capacity and data transmission. No bounds will be applied on the wired communication technologies because they already offer high capacity and high data transmission. The sender will send data specified to be transmitted by UWB technology either by satellite communications or by fibre-optics based on UWB technology.

One of the aims of this project is to support UWB technology for communications where has low energy spectrum so that it saves consumed power.

The rate of data transmission will be bigger thasn the conventional types of satellite communications and only apply to the available capacities provided by UWB tgechnologies. If it is transmitted by any other wireless technology other than UWB, a data loss will happen. So that a dynamic configuration is required to direct the packets of UWB technology to be only routed by UWB technology either by satellite communications or by fibre-optical communications.

To realize the goal of this project, the packets will be very long to occupy all the available band of UWB technology so that a big amount of data will be encapsulated within a unique packet to be transmitted.

In addition, the source and distination hosts will agree to send and receive packets to be transmitted by UWB technology. A special methods of interleaving and encryption will be applied in this case. In fact, the interleaving and encryption will be both combined into a unique process.