May 22, 17 / Can 02, 01 04:53 UTC

about voting numbers  

There is currently just under 180.000 people registered as citizens, Last I read or saw is that we need 100.000 votes to pass Dou and Constitution . Know I read that only half need to vote .So if we need 100,000 to pass that means around 79000 or so don't need to vote.If  its the other way just over 85000 don;t need to vote .So which is it 

This also needs to be explained on all the FB pages not just Asgardia General

May 22, 17 / Can 02, 01 05:07 UTC

AS I pointed out here: Chapter 9, there is no well defined method for how the votes are counted.

Is the total vote based on registered users or votes cast?

It's a fair assumption that every absentee and "NO" vote will not progress to become a Citizen. Not that this title has any value nor benefit at the present time. People are highly unlikely to read it in full and fully understand it. Many, I suspect will glance at it the same way people do with the EULA that accompanies virtually all software you install onto your PC and just click "YES" anyway...

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