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Asgardian Declaration of Existence  

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There comes a point in what will be history that individuals cast aside their differences and come together for a common goal. Their backgrounds will be varied, their circumstances unique, and their skillsets varied, but their purpose remains the same: Freedom.

The freedom to be who we are is the must fundamental right any individual should expect. This freedom isn't truly free, however, as it carries numerous responsibilities to the society in which one lives, as well as the other citizens that make that society possible. All freedoms come with responsibilities, a fact which we must never forget as citizens.

Toward the end of creating a society that grants each member as much freedom as a society can allow, we Asgardians do hereby proclaim that we exist as a people. We are united in our hopes and dreams and purpose. We will be recognized, if not by others, then in our own right as a free and liberated society. By undersigning I do hereby pledge to do all, within reason, to commit to the idea that we will all be free, and by our freedom serve as an example to others of what can be achieved.


David "Phicksur" Foster - United States of America

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Mar 3, 17 / Ari 06, 01 00:59 UTC

Freedom is a wonderful concept, but also a flawed one as a catchall. America has a lot of very admirable qualities, worthy of imitation. It also has some pretty dire qualities that people defend under the guise of "freedom".

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 16:06 UTC

Maybe we signed the Asgardia's registration form,
maybe that form, and the related certificate, stated we're asgardians (translation: "we exist as asgardians" even if we've not received an ID-document still)
this doesn't automatically mean we'll be free, as freedom is something one have to strive to reach.

As my data is still into Asgardia's databank, I see no point to place here other than my opinion: yes, if we'll strive to be free, we'll probably be free.

Why all these "if" and "probably"? Mainly 'cause the terrible lack of transparence I'm seeing into all the things are going on, last but not least the Constitution's thing (read here for details).

And no, we're not into USA, maybe we can say we're into EU (AIRC is based in Vienna, Austria, European Union, AFAIK). ;-)
P.S. (sorry for the little OffTopic, @Phicksur)
I posted into italian's forum a list of (my) thoughts about the whole constitutional proposals (and, yes, they're in italian ;-)): I'm waiting other italians there to comment, if they'll wish to, then I'll translate into english and post into a thread in this forum, not later than 29 march, to give the committee the time to include them into the Constitution's proposals.