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Re: Discussion of the Declaration of Unity  

@Guzlomi - As stated in my posts, I'm in complete agreement with your intent and meaning here.  At this stage of the project we can debate all we want however we must realise the context of the situation and make our suggestions accordingly.  This forum is about the content of the DoU and our suggestions are really regards the wording because this document is a declaration of the purpose and desire of the founders (not our desires) in setting up this nation state. This is the reason I just reworded the badly phrased English version of the original and didn't change it in any other way.  This document is a rallying point for those of like mind to set as their motivation for being involved in the project.

I understand @LoreZyra's thought about people being concerned about someone having what might be termed weapons in space.  In fact this is a tricky area considering the UN treaty on weapons in space (which any state wishing to go to space must be a signatory to if they don't want to be labelled rogue like North Korea). However @LoreZyra I have to say that, politically, stating this as a purpose for the nation is a very good ploy.  I'm sure you understand that one of the reasons the good doctor is making this play for statehood is that currently space is only accessible to nation states.  This is by political agreement of the nation states who have the power to enforce it.  If his dream of expanding the human race into space is to come to fruition he needs to navigate this political minefield. He has found a way that just might work. But part of doing it in plain public view is that he must be able to put a "green" face on it.  There can be nothing "greener" about space than protecting the general public from the unknown dangers emanating from space.

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 I don't know why there is so short time to debate and why we have this hurry to vote. We are not at war nor under threat and we can take more time to write the founding documents of the first space nation.

That's what I say.  What's the rush?

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asgardia ülke olmalı bunu 4 gözle bekliyorum :) :) :) :) 

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It's the 15th. Therefore, The Declaration of Unity suggestions compilation is over. Thank you all for your inputs! Many great suggestions, all of which have been integrated into the document. Thanks guys! 

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