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Re: Discussion of the Declaration of Unity  

I see a lot of trolls triggering point 12. You know history is written by the victors, right? I don't need the Earth history - full of grudges and half truths. I know what I want and I support this Declaration of Unity.

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I have a major problem with point 12 of this declaration of unity. " there is no place for Earth history in Asgardia. Asgardia creates a new history of the future of the humankind." We should not ignore the history of mankind , why? Because we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes again.

I also have an issue of point 4 : " All citizens of Asgardia are equal, regardless of their country of origin, residence, citizenship, race..."

Aren't we not all human regardless of our colour or country of origin? The idea of using race offers the possibility of segregation... A division sort of "you lot there while those stay here" It is what is most commonly used in the countries... But if Asgardia is to be a world's first free and unified space state then we must rip down this motion of using race and use the one thing which looks at all of us everyday.... No matter what our religion,colour,gender,etc.. We are all from the human race.One race.

Can there be some clarification on point 11. " Asgardia is a country of free spirit, science and internationalism. At the same time, every Asgardian can freely practice any religion on Earth." Because IMHO some may think that religion is not allowed in Asgardia... Or am I wrong.

There is also some grammatical errors in this declaration as well... Apart of all that . .I like it



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Forbes had a good article on #9 Nations most susceptible to becoming dictatorships are usually the most intelligent and best informed nations. Then it all goes wrong. #9 is a serious issue.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 21:21 UTC

Fully agree with the degree, apart from the spelling error.

There really is no place for religious or politics in Asgardia, but there is freedom to be who you want to be as long as you don't demand others to conform with your beliefs.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 21:34 UTC

I think that point 12 is ambiguous. It can be read along the lines of "burn your history books", but that to me is totally inconsistent with a society that values knowledge. To me, the intent of this seems more along the lines of leaving your history behind. For example, even though your great, great, great, great grandfather vowed death to all decendants of a neighbouring tribe for the theft of 3 goats, you leave that behind to be part of Asgardia.

Also, it is possible (actually preferable) to have democracy without party politics. Politicians should be servants of the people, not slaves to a political party.

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I agree with all points. Many thanks for this great declaration :)

Some people worry about the political parties but I think we don't need the corrupt political parties, I prefer the liquid democracy or something similar, and it seems that.

And about the Earthly history: That is horrible, we don't need that. I think it is a good idea to forget that and start a new history book. What happened before Asgardia, those are the ancient ages. And for example when an ancient tribe had a war 20 000 years ago, that is not in our historical books. Yes, the historicans know about those wars, but they are not enough important for the education. It is the same. We are a peaceful space nation, we don't need the Earthly wars.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 21:59 UTC

I think it's great. I am glad of Item 1 and 9 and 12. In regards to 12... to me it means that "we will create our own history and not be "dependent" on earths past history".

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Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 22:01 UTC

There are a lot of minor and some major problems as most others have said.

But my big concern is what is the purpose of this document? It says both a lot and very little and could be interpreted in any number of ways. Is it supposed to be a pre-constitutional legal document? Is it supposed to be a basic declaration of existence like the Declaration of Independence? Is it supposed to be defining Asgardia or does it just lay out some talking points? I am also unsure of the particular meanings of several of the points.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 22:33 UTC

I just have to say this is perfect and goes the way i expected . For sure, all future statements will be outstanding too... Great job!
Congratulations, Asgardians.

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 23:09 UTC

I really like this Declaration.
It's a great start!

I do however have questions regarding the "no political paries"

wouldn't it be benificial if asgardia has parties? having somekind of politics helps discussing various problems from diffrent perspectives. if we start discussing various problems on an individual standpoint wouldn't that voice echo away?

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 23:16 UTC

Greetings Asgardians, Good Time for all ... From now on I will always say Good Time I do not know if you are in the sunny or obscure part of the planet at this moment. I just read the Declaration briefly, and the two points that hit me are 9 and 12. Point 9) Suppose there are no political parties ... how will we manage life in the polis? I think we confuse the content and the continent. What is wrong is not Politics understood as dealing with the affairs of society. Those who are wrong are the Politicians, the people in whom we have delegated our rights and functions and had take adventatge andincrease their fortunes at the expense of the others. And I do not want to start my life as a citizen of this new nation falling into the mistake of delegating, disregarding or ignoring my duties and rights as a citizen. On the contrary, it should be compelled to participate in the affairs of all. One thing is that there are no political parties ... then are we proposing anarchy as a form of government? Or what form do we propose? This needs to be clarified. Propose alternatives. Point 12) How to erase the story ... Like it or not, we are part of it. The same name of Asgardia is loaded with historical / mythological content. How are we going to explain the technological advances without saying where they come from? That is almost like founding a religion. That things arise out of nothing ... And how we are going to manage those who live in existing societies this dichotomy. We can not split in two, or it would be a kind of social schizophrenia. Are we willing to put aside Aristotle, Galileo, Copernico, Madame Curie, Voltaire, etc? Bury them in a layer of historical oblivion? Greetings Asgardians!

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 23:31 UTC

Susana: Why do you want political parties? It is the 21st century, we need liquid democracy. In the liquid democracy you can choose to vote yourself or give your votes for persons with better knowledge. Please read this:

Mar 27, 17 / Tau 02, 01 23:44 UTC

HMiki: Dear Asgardian... read well. I don't say I wanna political parties. I ask with which we will act in our( call as you wanna, but it's political) life in Asgardia. You can ban a word even one people or a lot of people... that happens in dictatorial regims... but you don't change the reality. I say that what are bad are the Politicians that have take advantatge from the rights we delegate in them... not the Politics. I'm sure there could be a better way to organize us. So I ask for proposts. Good Time, Asgardian!

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 00:07 UTC

No politics, no political party...that's a start, however, we must ensure that we remain free to express our opinions, to vote for individual and ensure that our citizens and society are protected against dictatorship...

Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 00:09 UTC

As a constitution it needs some legal reviewing, for an example .. A. you missed to state the official language of Asgardia. B. In the article number 9 of the constitution, I believe it needs a rephrase, I think what you meant that ( Earthly political affairs is banned from practicing on the Asgardian territory) C. In the article number 11 of the constitution, I suggest a rephrase ( Practicing religion in public is forbidden, thus, it is allowed to practice religion in the private properties, on condition that it doesn't affect peace and order in Asgardia