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important link missing  

Hello to all,

I have been busy with many things, and only had the time to look into the constitution and comments these days.

There is a very important flaw in the voting system, and i wanted to warn the community and authorities about it: all referendum votes should have two options, a "YES" and a "NO". Without that, you cannot differentiate people that disagree, from people that just don't take part for any reason (but are not necessarily against or for the object of the vote).

In this sense, all votes obtained so far are void, as many people may be tricked by the fact that they have no option to say "no" once they are on the website. 

Please correct as soon as possible. Can't vote on the constitution in this situation.

G. B.

An Asgardian Citizen. 

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Hi @Guido to your query regarding about the voting process please go through with this given below link of miss lena on 19th of july in this video you will find the answer of the question.


Kashif shaikh 

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You are very correct, and the explanation that Lena provides is not only highly irregular it is entirely improbable and not how legitimate voting processes are conducted.

That said, there's far larger problems because the leadership have been interchangeably calling it a vote to ratify the Constitution, a vote for the Constitution, in addition to using it in a robust propaganda campaign, and by design on it's web pages, to thoroughly confuse people to think it's a simple "terms of service" to join the  Asgardia community. All this without properly disclosing voting regulations or the improbable No voting system Lena described. These regulations and Lena's explanation both clearly outline punishment of banishment if people don't accept the Constitution, illustrated by the fact that although ~300,000 people have registered and put in a lot of time and effort into this project, their recent announcements limit the citizenry to only the roughly 100k that have accepted terms of service. Everyone else is labeled a tourist.

Not least of which, the Constitution was edited mid-vote and the voting period has been extended twice—justifying it as having overwhelming citizen support that is non-existent—when it was quite clear that ratification had failed. Worse yet, the current voting page illustrates that they are intentionally adding the ongoing terms of service acceptance against the ratification vote count percentages.

In addition, the forums are haunted by apologists that explain all of this off as simple mistakes and common human failings of trying to do something nobody has done before. Except absolutely no steps have been taken by the leadership to correct any of these simple mistakes that have been vociferously opposed by many citizens.

Last but not least, the common apologist refrain is comparing this "acceptance" process with immigration wherein you can't immigrate to a country without accepting their laws. Of course, in no way addressing the fact that the basis of all laws here begin with a Constitutional draft that has never been legally ratified and so can't legitimately be used to define, grant or deny citizenship.

So, you know, everything is totally normal in Asgardia, this totalitarian state. 😂

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