I don't want to detract from my other post on temporarily setting aside debates on the constitution, but there are a couple issues that I believe do need to be cleared up before this project continues much farther as they would make it difficult to secure outside support in the current vague condition. One is the nature of our nation. Is it a monarchy? A monarchy is defined as a system of government which has a monarch as the head of state. A monarch is a singular head of state the is passed on hereditarily. It has been stated in different places that this both is and is not a monarchy. I remember seeing the Head of Nation say somewhere in the forums that it is a monarchy, but I think he just meant that it was a government with a single head of state (something very different). Meanwhile, it is also called a space "kingdom" which is a term that specifically denotes a nation lead by a monarch. Moreover, the constitution suggests in article 32, paragraph 4 the idea that a new Head of Nation be nominated "on the basis of geneaology". Moreover, the constitution gives the Head of Nation far-reaching powers similar to those of many absolute monarchies including unchecked veto power of both resolutions and of newly elected officials and the ability to dissolve parliament. At the same time, it has also been stated that Asgardia is not a monarchy. I was not here during the time the constitution was developed, but I have gathered from reading posts on the forum here that it originally did establish a monarch and that this was later changed. So all of this leaves the question: is this a monarchy? I am not really opposed to it being a monarchy (as I think the idea of a leader who has spent their entire life preparing for that role could be beneficial), but I am opposed to it being unclear if this is a monarchy or not. I know it has been raised in several other threads, but it still doesn't seem clear, and I believe that is a question we need to be able to clearly answer when talking to potential outside supporters. Thoughts? Feedback from those who drafted the constitution? Is this a kingdom, with a monarch - a hereditary head of state, or is this a republic or some other form of government?