It seems that there is no shortage of opinions about the constitution and aspects of it that people are opposed to and certainly these concerns need to be addressed. On the other hand, the amount of energy being put into complaining about the constitution seems to be pulling energy away from other, more immediate, needs. Ultimately the constitution isn't worth the hard drive space it is stored on if Asgardia never succeeds in colonizing space. Honestly, all the discussion about the constitution doesn't seem to be getting anywhere, either. All that being said I think it is time to propose a few critical amendments to close issues that will cause problems in the early to mid development phase, and then pass a measure that orders the parliament to review all proposed amendments, vote on which ones should be passed, and bring the collection of amendments they believe should be passed to a general vote of the populous, where there is an option to vote for or against the amended constitution, and if voting against allow for the option to still accept the constitution even if one is not in favor of it (there by not forcing people to lie and say they like it in order to maintain citizenship) or to state that one is not in favor of it and do not accept the amended constitution if it passes.

Ultimately I believe there are some major flaws in the constitution myself, not the least of which is the contradictions in it, but I believe there is time to address those issues later and that we are better off accepting this as a starting point to establish the government and focus on other issues at this moment. If others feel the same way, I will work on drafting a petition for the parliament to review once elected that will contain a short list of critical amendments that need to be passed to ensure Asgardia can continue with its plans and a bill to pass ordering a formal review of the constitution and requested amendments be held at some future point before the construction or purchase of a habitable space dwelling structure is enacted.

If you would like to see this petition be put together, let me know in the poll.