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Re: Working Thread - Compilation of Community Suggestions for the Asgardia Constituion  

Hello asgardia, Glad to hear it, I'm here for volunteer and ready for working together any time,

My experience is: I'm translator (English, Turkish, farci) i have computer diploma (experience in computer software, acdl and...)

Thank you asgardia, respects...fatemeh ghodrati

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What do you guys think of our work so far?

Mar 8, 17 / Ari 11, 01 17:46 UTC

its alright but that's nowhere near finished its missing a lot of stuff. Like what are our duties as citizens, because I honestly believe that is the duty of the citizens to work for this, all of it myself included. If one does not have the skills to work it's their duty to learn skill beneficial to the cause. There is no place for "freeloaders" in a society that still needs to be built. I also feel as if this society is star struck with the notion of space, and isn't as focus on the steps to get there. Like once we become a nation will we have a territory (WE NEED OUR OWN TERRITORY)? how will we as a society make money to progress our society without depending on foreign entities? How do we as citizens vote on leaders and laws because no law should be passed without the people's say? Lastly, how are we going to handle citizenship, what will be required to become a citizen, and what type of health care system will the citizens have access to?

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Well, the reason why there isn't much about citizen duties is because most of the suggestions we're compiling are about rights and government and other stuff.

I do understand your point. But don't forget that Asgardia is, currently, a diaspora nation. The creation of a space base is still in the future, and a large portion of Asgardians won't even be aboard the base. Those citizen duties you suggest are hard to enforce in our current diaspora community whose members are scattered across the globe. For now, voting and upholding the Constitution are the two duties which are realistic for all citizens.

Additionally, your suggestion comes dangerously close to forced labour. Citizens shouldn't be forced to work. It should be a citizen's freedom to spend his time to whatever pursuit he/she chooses, as long as such pursuit isn't promoting a violation of the Constitution. Making "work" a duty and force it unto the people should actually be unconstitutional.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 04:34 UTC

Additionally, your suggestion comes dangerously close to forced labour. Citizens shouldn't be forced to work. It should be a citizen's freedom to spend his time to whatever pursuit he/she chooses, as long as such pursuit isn't promoting a violation of the Constitution. Making "work" a duty and force it unto the people should actually be unconstitutional.

On board the station itself, there should be no room for freeloaders. Resources will be strict, so having someone aboard the station that just sort of does whatever they want isn't helpful or productive and will be taking resources away from others who would be more productive with their time.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 13:42 UTC


On board the station itself, I agree with you 100%. But the workers on the station are not the entire population of Asgardia.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 13:46 UTC


On board the station itself, I agree with you 100%. But the workers on the station are not the entire population of Asgardia.

I can agree to this. Terrestrial Asgardians are bound by the laws and rules of the society in which they are living.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 13:48 UTC


Yeah. The Asgardians who haven't volunteered to work on the station should keep the right to live their peaceful lives if such is their wish, to pursue any endeavour they want. Maybe some of them will make awesome paintings for us all to admire? Or make beautiful Asgardian music that will define our culture? Or suddenly come up with a revolutionary formula in physics that will help us treat space travel with better efficiency? That'd be cool. Care must be taken to avoid confusing workers duties with all citizens duties. :P

By the way, how are you doing? Haven't seen you much on Discord. :)

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well we can have minor duties and rights like: 1. All Asgardians have the chance to vote. 2.Every Asgardian needs to zeal for other Asgardian, if the other Asgardian have broken the constitution theirs rights as Asgardian is revokated temporaly (or something like that,don't know how to tell this last part). 3.Every Asgardian should do a skill test to know what is he/she major skill (to Asgardia knows whats skill their citizen have)

well i think they are pretty basic

Mar 22, 17 / Ari 25, 01 20:23 UTC


I do not know just how detailed of suggestions this forum is wanting but since I have worked for government agencies and have regularly interpreted regulation (specifically in the USA) I drafted up the following docs with respect to the Complied Community Google Doc file and added areas/items that I believe need further debate or clarification.

They are basic and don't have quick links built in.

A quick sketch of a Constitution

A quick sketch of Supplemental Documents

I am all up for further discussion on the topic. I used various names of offices, departments, and the like, as more of a "fill in" and placed them where I think such offices should go, but do not expect them to be made steadfast.

Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 10:02 UTC

Chris James,

One detail that is not properly defined in your template is the measure of a "day." In this case, I suppose it is safe to assume the period of a day as defined by the time it takes for the Earth to complete a single rotation per the reference of the same point on the planet.

However, as we continue deeper into space or on other planets, time periods as kept on Earth will become meaningless.

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Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 10:44 UTC

As posted here,,

Page 6

I believe that "Right to happiness" in the Basic Rights section is too vague to take literally. This is where I believe the USA has it right:

"We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; ..."

The "pursuit of happiness" of happiness can be a given right. But no amount of time, money, resources, etc can guarantee happiness. Allowing people to follow their desires (the pursuit) to achieve their own ideas about reward or happiness should be sufficient.

With regards to "sovereignty over your own body," this should be limited to enabling one to do anything they desire for as long as it does not harm others. For example, if you wish to smoke. Fine. Do this in the confines of your private home where no one else is subjugated to your life choices. If your drugs or cybernetic implants are such they would harm others within your vicinity, then you should not be in public spaces.

Additionally, leaders should be held to a higher, more restricted standard. Drugs should be prohibited unless required for a physical illness and prescribed by a licensed medical doctor.

With regards to "the right to jury," it should be added that one has the right to a "speedy trial" rather than being held in limbo to indefinite periods of time while waiting for the trail to begin.

Page 7

Every Asgardian has the right to free speech, as far as it is done in a respectful way without harm of any being.

The phrase "respectful way" can be interpreted in a number of negative methods. As such, I recommend not being too specific about restricting "free speech." An open forum should be the default. This means all should have the right to speak their minds without fear. To force one to speak "respectfully" would instantly close an open forum the moment someone says something another disagrees with and in turn considers them "disrespectful" simply because they don't agree. Words are not inherently harmful. For as long as everyone can keep an open mind, the open forum will work as intended. Open forum are the most effective means to having everyone not only discuss a topic, but also to quickly have everyone come to an agreement on it. Or, debate the topic, however fiercely, until a mutual understanding is made. The socratic method should be the default for every topic to reach its conclusion.

prohibited from altering citizens life without a vote from the people of Asgardia.

The scope of the "nation-wide jury" seems to be vague. By "the majority of people," does this suggest that all crimes and judicial matters must be voted on by every citizen with Asgardia? Or, within the local community or planet? What is the scope of the group that would be responsible for the vote to alter another citizen's life?

No citizen of Asgardia; form of expression; institution; ideology; or belief system shall be shielded by the state of Asgardia from critique. Every expressed idea can and should be challenged and questioned perpetually by every citizen of Asgardia.

Love this section!!

Page 9:

Upon the death of a citizen... While I have no objection to allowing everyone to decide the details of how to handle their remains, I would state that it should be limited to a time frame whereby the deceased does not become a safety hazard to others. We should probably list a set of guidelines to ensure the safety of the Space station or colony.

(to be continued in another post)

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Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 11:35 UTC

Page 9

While I agree that entertainment is healthy for all to have, I don't find it appropriate to have specified in the Constitution. Why must uniforms be defined in the Constitution?? This should be defined by the employer or local customs of one's work. I don't see this as appropriate to define at such a high level of governance. Same goes for pets.

Necessities: If we use it in everyday life, then it is a necessity. Food, water, air, clothes, education, health care, communication devices, transportation, energy, housing, etc.. Should all be free.

One's definition of "necessities" can easily become absurd. Of course one's survival depends on the environment, food, and water. However, it quickly becomes absurd when your necessity is, for example, a jetski in space. Unless it's a function of your job to use such a device (at which point it is provided by the employer or community), having such device does not ensure one's survival... I really don't see the need for this section in the Constitution. Perhaps, this could be considered in the civil code sections?

Discrimination: Banned on all fronts! We are human. Doesn't matter where you came from, what language you speak, or what your beliefs are. No discrimination. That only divides us!

This section will be hard to enforce for as long as you have free speech. While discrimination should not be encouraged by any measure, there are times when it is necessary. Discrimination is practical when you must consider the qualifications of someone's skills for a job. If they need to work in small, tight spaces... then they should be of small stature. A large person could not effectively perform the job if they can't physically fit in the working environment! Furthermore, you must discriminate when it comes to any person seeking the title of Doctor (or higher title). You would not wish for a medical Doctor to begin an operation without the proper skills and experience! It's sad that some believe this must be defined at the Constitutional level. Open forums (free speech) would naturally allow one to discriminate their ideas to the public. It is only through this discourse that we can all eventually reach a common ground and understanding. Over time, our concept of "discrimination" should naturally disappear.

Page 10:

National language

I do agree the lingua franca appears to be English. I don't want to call it "Universal English." Why not borrow a term from Star Wars - "Basic." ;-) The national language of Asgardia should be simply called "Basic."


This is another topic that should be left to the civil code, if it should be defined at all! In Space, having life partners and mates should be left to the citizens to define for as long as it does not interfere with State functions. This also means if one desires multiple mates for the purpose of reproduction, then it should be not be limited. Likewise, if one wishes to have a life partner with the same sex as they have a different sexual identity, it too should not be limited.

Procreation/Childbirth Birth Control, mandatory

There should NOT be a defined limit on procreation! We are but specks of dust in space. We need all the help we can get. Even if that help is from our kids! Without a sufficient population, our society will not grow fast enough to survive in space. Furthermore, this section contradicts the section on #Page 2 "Right to have sovereignty over your own body." You cannot have a right to control your body if the government demands birth control. These sections should be completely thrown out! As technological and scientifically inclined society, we should be able to handle the needs of expanding our living space or build/expand a larger spaceship. The more scientist, doctors, engineers we have on board, the more we can accomplish!

Page 11:

Security measures

I like the idea behind the sec.bracelets... However, it does open the door to illegal forgeries. No matter how advanced the technology, there is always a means to copy or mimic it. Likewise, no amount of encryption will indefinitely safeguard the security and privacy of information stored on the bracelets. Biometric data is much, much harder to mimic and duplicate. Reading retina patterns along with height, weight, skin tone, finger prints, even speech patterns can all be combined in some fashion to create a much harder security to defeat than "simple encryption." And, it should be updated at least once per solar orbit (or other practical time period) to ensure no significant biological changes have occurred. For those capable of reproducing offspring, weight should have a higher tolerance for the metric of security.

Panic buttons are a great idea. Panic rooms??? Is that really needed?

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Mar 26, 17 / Tau 01, 01 12:04 UTC

Page 12:

No citizen is to disclose their Citizen Id Number to any civilian in Asgardia. It is a constitutional violation for any Asgardian to possess or note the C.I.N of another Asgardian and represents themselves as that Asgardian in the commission of an illegal act. Commissioning or committing a crime while unlawfully possessing a C.I.N is grounds for exile from Asgardia.

This section needs a lot of refinement. Within the course of a government official's duties, they may see or posses a CIN of another citizen. There should be a clause where the private citizen can provide an authenticated form of permission for each time the disclosure is to be made.

Every citizen of Asgardia has the right to humane treatment while under the ward of the State, as well as the right to request a fair hearing for crimes and infractions committed. Citizens who have been arrested shall have the right to contact ONE (1) direct family member upon arrival at a detention facility via a safe method to be determined by the Earth Defense Force (EDF). (Skieswanne note: What's the "Earth Defense Force"?? )

Agreed with @Skieswanne. What is EDF and what does it have to do with Asgardia? Asgardia is not expected to remain on Earth. As such calling it the "Earth" defense force is a bit short-sighted. Furthermore, what prevents the "EDF" from claiming all methods of communication are not safe? Thereby voiding your right to a contact... For as long as communication is possible, it should be permitted.

Death penalty

It should be strictly prohibited. Exile should be considered instead. If rehabilitation is not possible, then that person should be exiled. Everyone should hold value for society and the enhancement of all life. Rehabilitation should include training that benefits society at large.

I think education with critical thinking and emotional intelligence is a must.>


(to be continued in another post)

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I apologize for the double posting. Up late and copy/pasting stuff...

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