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Hello Asgardians! Merry Christmas!

Well, as you all may know Venezuela is becoming a horrible place to live because we are under a dictatorial goverment who think they control the world, but that's another history as you may wondering, Why I am talking about this? Because only 1 person, just one person destroy a whole country and this is the topic I'm going to talk. The man who destroy the country was Hugo Chavez. This person tried to take the power of the country with a stroke of State or a coup d'État but he didn't make it, because he failed and he was arrested and sentenced to jail, but here is the funny part the president in that moment Rafael Caldera who was in the charge while Hugo was committing the stroke for some reason I think a presidential order he was released from jail with all the rights that a person that didn't do anything was having and then he ran the for the presidential charge and he made it but now is dead.

So, my questions is, if someone tried to take the control of the country with a stroke what are we going to do? and All the people that committed crimes are going to have the same rights as us?

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This is exactly why we need weapons, a well-written constitution, a proper criminal justice process and sensible economic policy.

What you're talking about in regards to Hugo Chavez and Coup's is the act of treason. The punishment for the betrayal of Asgardia and its people would be heavy and lengthy. It would involve a criminal court judged at the highest level, with a full jury. The punishment itself would probably be lifetime imprisonment or complete exile.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 01:19 UTC

Hey, lets try and not be monsters here. It may cause an uproar if we start exacuting people.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 19:02 UTC

Wauu very interesting, it's depends on the laws in Venezuela, if the president was in jail, and he was released later on. With his right to continue, is the laws and Rights , that is writing long time for him and people. Him To Be protect, good lawyers without fear, cut appears the law , with signature of all the people , it will take some times, because it will need different process, just saying, I don't know the laws there.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 19:06 UTC

Rights need to be balanced with responsibilities. Particularly if we are a space faring nation.

Does one truly have a right to life if one does not shoulder the responsibility of taking due consideration or your fellow citizen?

Especially if you are in a spaceship with extremely limited water, air, food?

I would suggest we develop a set of rights with we consider inalienable and also a set of responsibilities we expect all citizens to abide by.

E.g. Right to freedom of expression, balanced by the responsibility not to deliberately offend others for your own pleasure (I.e. No Trolling)

Right to freedom of religion, balanced by the responsibility not to coerce others and leave their freedom to act with free will unhibited ( no brainwashing or cults or door to door preaching)

Right to a fair trial and habeas corpus ( inalienable)


I would suggest taking the un declaration of human rights as a starting point then looking for what responsibilities are expected of an Asgardian related to each right

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 08:39 UTC

No death penalty only exile or forced reeducation. Be the highest punishment

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 12:21 UTC

Humans can't think in separate ones from other, all have equal rights, if you do it, is going to be the same problem , like earth, on power political, so in the other points, you have a criminal , .....his mind is just a criminal ...he doesn't rehabilitate, this one's need no rights , because you live them alive, they going to do groups as a bad side and shut you all, we aim going to heaven , we going to a community that's all is work and be one together, but the minds you can't change it.

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 15:09 UTC

Venezuela, and a good portion of Latin America, is not the best example for the discussion of citizen's rights. The region is not that stable and is not an equitable fact when discussing stable societies. However, the topic seems to be a bit confusing. Is this a thread for discussing what rights we should have as Asgardians, what happens to our rights if incarcerated, or how to prevent someone from seizing power? The topic is a little jumbled together with your evidence.