Sep 26, 18 / Sco 17, 02 13:49 UTC

Theme: Blockchain Wednesday  

In order to improve our future space nation, Asgardia aims to keep abreast of the latest technologies including blockchain technology

Although the blockchain was made famous by the popularity of cryptocurrency this technology has the power to better our society in many different ways. So, every Wednesday we look at the ways blockchain technology is being adopted by different industries.

For example, the World Economic Forum has released a report outlining how blockchain could potentially solve a number of environmental problems. Identifying 65 use cases in which blockchain can be applied and eight “game-changer” cases for complete disruption of the current approaches, it highlights a set of challenges that need to be addressed and the opportunities that are yet to be unlocked.

Some of the game-changers outlined in the report are: Circular Economy Incentives, Decentralised Resource Management, Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Relief, and more. 

Here's the full article:

Where do you think blockchain technology could be the most beneficial and why?

Let's talk about it in the comments below.

Sep 26, 18 / Sco 17, 02 15:46 UTC

I have just purchased a large ammount of Solor coin. For anyone interested I can be contacted on Instagram [deleted]

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Hello, SOLAR has not yet been released and anyone who is offering it has not done so officially and are not associated with Asgardia.

Please watch the website and the official social media outlets for official news about Asgardia's crypto currency.