Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 07:34 UTC

East versus West  

We all have an idea of cultural differences between the East and West and these will become more evident when Asgardia has better communication between its diverse membership

I watch a myriad of news channels. Most mainstream have agendas and are heavily into propoganda . A very refreshing and relaxing channel is NHK world the Japanese english channel which is proportionately programmed to air many more cultural segments than the mainstream.

OK yes they are promoting Japan by example but it is nice . Furthermore they look at traditional art , and artisans. the importance of this will increase as more leisure time or employment choice is created/;mandated by robotics Tech AI and UBI

What are the pros of your culture that could be an example or lesson learned to those of other cultures and what are the things that should be discouraged?

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 15:45 UTC

Sir , if I may respectfully speak , I lean towards the libertarian sect who believe we should start our colonization effort by occupying the unoccupied regions of earth . namely . off the coasts of California , Oregon , and Washington state , and in the east , off the coast of texas , Alabama , Carolina we do the same . a new nation that acts like a port of call between earth and asgardia , that can embrace the conservative values of those in texas , Alabama , Carolina as well as the liberal values of California and the pacific north west . that way we can use their calexit and texas succession movements for our benefit .

Aug 1, 17 / Vir 17, 01 18:37 UTC

Be informed once again, Asgardia Does NOT participate in Nation States Politics, and our focus is freedom and peaceful use of space and coexistence with Nation States.

Nov 13, 17 / Sag 09, 01 11:57 UTC

I, for one, believe that the cause of cultural strife comes from two primary sources: lack of quality, objective education in world history, culture and civics, and the language barrier. The idea here is not to precipitate existing East v West stereotypes, but to create a society that transcends cultural boundaries and appropriates aspects from all cultures. Am I wrong here?