Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 11:40 UTC

Spiritual/Psychadelic support/aspect/facet as regards to Asgardians?  

I have recently become fully engaged in the psychedelic journey as a scientific and rationally/calculatedly minded person. I find it superbly intriguing because I believe that psychedelics and science can work together to achieve a higher understanding of the universe and our inter-connectedness with eachother and the universe. I believe that psychedelics can help us to further understand the fabric of the universe and our own minds. I am not here advocating belief without reason, merely psychedelics as an aid to understanding and peace. Thoughts from the community?

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 23:06 UTC

If we I peare talking about weedrsonally feel that it shouldn't be illegal but theres countless people that can tell you why and this thread is not about the legal implecation of "Illegal" drug use in Asgardia. Anyway I think that apart from drugs that require smoking (for safety resons) asgardians should feel free to use them, but that doesn't mean to just use them recreationally.

We are on the verge of a western wide cultural change and I think that proper and unbiased reserch into the use of such drugs could prove to benefit Asgardia. As an Uni student I am able to (but have not yet) access articles and journals about such drug use. I don't know if any serious research has been done about it yet.

Anyway, I feel i managed to ramble a bit in that so i'll make a summary: We should use psychadelics, but not just for recreation but for reaserch too.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 10:05 UTC

If we are educate about every kind of "drugs", don't should be exist illegaly drug, less if this can convert you in a dangerous person. If people decide to use some kind of sustance, will be so important that this person know everything about it, and with an aware point of view, can use them aware of the consequences. In the medicine, the difference between poison and medicine is the dose. There are some legal drugs that are too much dangerous than illegal drugs, we should investigate better than now.

Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 08:45 UTC

Read "DMT: The Spirit Molecule", if anyone has any questions about psychedelics.

Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 19:42 UTC

Xxaion - I feel that we as Asgardians should preserve the plants that are used as a 'chemical key' (of sorts) to unlock our mind to realms that we could explore, not only in a spiritual way, but scientific. To 'bring back' to our meat suits ideas and inspiration that only the inward journey can. The legality of it has always been fracking idiotic, but hopefully there are more here like you and I who see it as it truly is. 

As for the worry about manic episodes that could endanger others or themselves, this is why guides/teachers/shamans will be there to aid these poor souls back to reality. Don't believe the media (etc) when it comes to the mind...

 Anyone who has yet to have a psychedelic experience but wants to, do your research! It is not all happy-go-sunshine and kitten farts. Many psychedelic substances can harmful when take with certain pharmaceutical drug (which are all harmful placebos). But like Aquarian1 suggested, watch The Spirit Molecule, read as much as you can and if you are still in doubt, you can come to me or I'm sure Xxaion for personal information too :) when it comes to exploring your mind - you may take the journey alone but we 'Psychonauts' are here for you, (in a spiritual or scientific way). 

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Jan 23, 18 / Aqu 23, 02 02:06 UTC

Even more! You can syntesize chemical agents or even artificial viruses to upgrade your neural network! It requires much more research than just personal experiencing of some drugs effects.

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Jun 18, 18 / Leo 01, 02 19:19 UTC

The exploration of space and consciousness is the most priority direction of Asgardia, both in science and in culture. Psychedelics are not the only, but very important, unique and indispensable component of this process.

Therefore, the answer is only one - green light.