I understand that here and now it is necessary to do what will allow to create from scratch a strong economy and at first to develop it at a rapid pace. But I think that if you need to do what is important now, then you need to think and plan the future. 

And how does it look in your opinion in the future? We all understand that the task of Asgardia is not worth the economic enrichment of its population, although it is the most possible side effect. Then you need the introduction of progressive taxes so that the wealth of people would give them the opportunity to buy everything they need and a little more, but always stayed on the same level. Then all free money will go to engineering, science and development in general. Or we will abandon the "capitalist" type of economy in the future and then spending almost all of the finances will be planned. 

It seems to me that it is worthwhile to clarify this issue at the beginning of the way of Asgardia, in order to avoid problems and contradictions in the future (it may already be worth having a group of analysts who will be working on this issue - although I do not like this idea myself). Since the availability of free money from citizens or their increase, in my opinion, contradicts the main task of their state, but is a good indicator of economic growth and without any doubts (with the old "human" thinking - it affects well the people's well-being).

Remember, every opinion is important.