Mar 27, 18 / Tau 02, 02 02:29 UTC

Official cryptocurrencies  

Is there any future plan making the cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Bytecoin offical in Asgardia?

Mar 27, 18 / Tau 02, 02 13:55 UTC

I concur. As a nation dedicated to innovation and technology, a digital monetary system is a must. Distributed ledger via blockchain, while still in its infancy, is the future of commerce and banking. Please consider adopting a senior and trusted cryptocurrency, such as Bytecoin or developing our own Asgardian Coin. 

Mar 28, 18 / Tau 03, 02 08:05 UTC

Asgardia has 2 crypto-currencies, which are registered in the crypto-currency register, and they are now under development, and on the main page of the site you can find a competition for creating the appearance of our 2 crypts and solar and lunar

May 28, 18 / Can 08, 02 07:19 UTC

I wrote this somewhere else but thought may be relavent here also: 

Taxes for the amount of people that have accepted the Asgardian constitution should be very low for the infrastructure that Asgardia has now. 

 May be you should think of using computational computer power (GPU-CPU) to mine a small amount from Asgardians computers visiting the site or a specific site we can visit. The mined coins could be in solar or lunar and should be displayed as a running tally on a graph or board including value or current price. Transparency would be good. If our computers mine over the recommended amount we could put the coins in our own wallets to either pay for future Tax payments, purchasing Asgardian items. donations or trade coins on an exchange.