Hi to all who will read this post =)

I have read many ideas, on this forum thread, about different ways of building economics of Asgardia. But all that I read related to macroscopic system, nation as a whole, and didn't pay attention about individual asgardians.

I suppose that wealth of all nation consist of wealth of all it's individuals. So, the initial step in building Asgardia economics may start from improving wealth of its individuals. In a simplest form, that's can be done in a form of volunteering. For example someone seeking for a better opportunities or just new job, that person may post CV with short message about what he/she is looking for. Other asgardians, who want and have opportunities to help may simply know someone who seeking for a new worker in his/her firm, or someone can have own business, or can help meet useful people and etc.. In this simple way we can more tightly unite, increase wealth of each individual, who is seeking for that (in ideal case) and finally, people with greater welfare may contribute more in Asgardia development.

Here we try to build a new nation, so lets avoid mistakes of many nowadays governments and take care about each citizen who is need it and try improve life quality of each citizen.