Should Esperanto be compulsory in Asgardian education?

Total number of votes: 21

66.7% Yes, it should.

33.3% No, that is should not.

Feb 23, 17 / Pis 26, 01 03:44 UTC

Esperanto taught?  

I was thinking: how would all people from different nations communicate bringing their own native languages? I propose we implement Esperanto into Asgardia education. It is a universal language, and I think it would be best. Vote below, and add your opinion by posting as well.

May 12, 17 / Gem 20, 01 16:34 UTC

Even if I'm a fan of Esperanto, and (one of) the proposers to adopt it as Asgardia's Official language, further speechs made me changing my idea as, even if less spoken, it seems that Unish better fits Asgardia's needs (even if, as I don't really know both of them, I can be wrong at all).

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May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 21:47 UTC

@Jason Rainbow
+1 I agree
The same as I agree to have an official language free from motherlanguages' discriminations. ;-)

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 15:14 UTC

Complete agreement here. I just posted a blog about how it seems Esperanto was made for Asgardia.