Are guardians responsible for the future of jthe children?

Total number of votes: 2

50% Guadians are responsible for the future of the children.

50% Guardians are not responsible for the future of the children.

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 05:50 UTC

Guardians are responsible for the future of the children.  

The guardians are absolutely responsible for the future of the children. Every guardian should watch each activity of the children and should check them from destructive activities. the children who are active in creative activities they will progress sure and certain and against it if children are engagged in destructive activities their future will also be destructive.

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 04:50 UTC

This is too much from who don't study about pedagogy and the childhood. has a lot of children with psychological problems with the family. we have to create an educational system and the family visit then often, or not, it depends from their feelings. it's not because the society is structered in that way that it has to be from that way, it's not the best for the nation.

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 06:01 UTC

dear asgardians, In developed countries education system is the best so guadians and students are learned and intelligent there is no need to watch the children but in developing countries many people are illiterate so every guardian should be alert about the future of their children.thanks.

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 06:01 UTC

Dear asgardian, sir , I am in surprise after knowing that in USA being a developed country poverty is also there even today. It means Government should take emergency steps to remove it .It is also a challenge to their leaders. removing the poverty will be an example for developing countries.Core of asgardia could also try to remove poverty from developed countries. thanks

Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 06:45 UTC

Dear asgardians sir, If the gardians are poor they are not responsible for their children due to their poorness but the gardians being educated and prosperous they should watch to their children .Government will arrange for poor families and their children.I want to say to those asgardians who are unaware about their children being educated and prosperous.Thanks

Jan 18, 17 / Aqu 18, 01 06:06 UTC

dear asgardians , some people guardians are poor in our society .they should watch their children according to their status .prosperous guardians must take care their children more.So they can make their carrrier well.thanks.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:33 UTC

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