Jan 17, 17 / Aqu 17, 01 23:27 UTC

Should Asgardia require higher (university-level) education for children?  

Naturally, physical labor job opportunities are likely to be rather limited, so we should decide whether higher education- which will help improve our intellectual opportunities- or whether we will place a premium on less educated service industry jobs.

Please feel free to make suggestions!

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Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 00:27 UTC

I think we should try to provide rich learning opportunities for our children to inspire curiosity and inquiring minds. If we manage to provide education opportunities (Ensure Access) I think the university level educations will follow as a natural product of that. Memorized knowledge and a official piece of paper will only take us so far. We need bright minds and skills. The BIG Question is how to do that. We could even train and educate to the needs of the future of Asgardia, so that someday children who are born to Asgardia grow up with that as part of their Identity and Path in life. Asgardia's best and brightest hope for success in the long run will be our children, I don't think it would be a mistake to invest in them.

Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 03:14 UTC

Hi, I just want to ask about what really mean University? And my ask becomes because I analyse what mean "have studies in universities" today. If we double check the human history, but not only the history that is in the books, we have to open mind and doubt if this is the real history or if is the history that the "winners" want to tell us... We have to be humble and accept that the actual human doesn't like to accept defeats, or defects but we like to be flooded, so we are in the constant need to lie in order to give some feed to the ego, once this is understood, we have to doubt if we really need our past or if we have to open a blank book and start to write our own future, like the Asgardia country.

For example. The actual "Doctors" in Mexico. (I hope not all of them, of course) They just know a little about medicines, they are prepared to accept what the pharmaceutical industry say is good or not for some specific malady, but the actual industry doesn't have documentation for public access for all the investigations around his products, we have only access to the most ordinary studies and no one public laboratory are double checking if the industry is saying the truth, so the "Doctors" just follow the actual rules of the game, and of course they are awarded among more prescriptions give for an specific drug, distract them to doubt about the drug, I mean, they are to distracted to ask if the contraindications for this drug will be worst for the patient, compared to how good it supposed to be.

We don´t know if the huge mix of chemicals in all the "food" ingredients, junk food, drugs, toothpaste and more, are making a dangerous cocktail for the human being and all the nature...

A drug promoter in France say to me few years ago. "We don't care if the drug is good or not for health, we visit to the Doctor and explain the rules. The drug will helpful for a wide range of diseases, so, if the patient have only one of them, they will be able to prescribe the drug and of course, if they sell a lot of drug, we will awarded him with gifts like TV's, cars or amazing Caribbean cruises. I was once in a cruise whit my wife, we drink a lot, heat a lot and receive the most huge brain wash ever, because all the time they are making activities to talk about the amazing drug that we have to continue selling when we back to home..."

So, If the most ordinary people without university studies believe that the most prepared people, is the people with the most highest studies levels done, they will be cheated by unscrupulous people like these "Doctors" hidden behind paid titles. The best thing is that the untitled persons are not trusted.

In Cuba the education is free and they have the most prepared doctors, an example. The Vitiligo is possible to be cured in Cuba with the 86% success for the patients for free, but if you want to have the treatment in US, you'll need to pay a lot...

I think that if we really want to have the better education, first we have to doubt all and start from the beginning of all, the base. We have to broke barriers like patents for example, to make a real change, because if the "winners" want to have more and more, but we cut the unique thing stopping the real innovations, then they will be persuaded to continue enriching themselves with the knowledge and the gate to the future will be opened by the first time.

The scientist says that the cerebral neural connections of children are more "flexible" compared with the brain of an adult. But, if we compare how strict and rigid we have to think in order to follow all the adult rules in this civilisation it's easy to understand why the children are more "flexible" talking about cerebral neural connections, but also all his bodies.

My mother tang is Spanish, so I apologise if my English is not perfect, I completed only my high school, few years ago and only to apply for a job in the HP company I have to get my baccalaureate title in a opened method doing a single exam and I forget that day my calculator... I never study English language in a school but I provide support by phone in English and Spanish to customers of HP products like computers, printers and smartphones, for all Latin America and the Caribbean countries, but nowadays I have a beautiful family, I have a little grocery, I speak more than two languages and my knowledge in computers is comparable to the level of a computer engineer, I can´t believe in universities and titles, I need lean more to live but I don't want to learn about just few subjects at the classroom just to continue learning more and more that some particular subjects that probably I don´t care or I'ill never gonna use it in mi live, I need to know about all the tree not only the apple that is growing, even abut the worm in the tree and how this worm have the most beautiful metamorphosis to become a butterfly but also how the wind interact with the wings of the butterfly to make it fly, also how the roots for this tree are taking the nutrients for the flour just with the help of water and the most important for me, how the DNA in the seeds of this apple can be modified only with a particles for a pesticide and how this pesticide is killing people or making children deformed around the world just to make this apple more biggest and coloured and cheap... Recapitulating, I want to choose want I want to learn, I want to learn what's really useful in my life, but also I want to have the opportunity to learn all the time with no restrictions, all the things, just in case that I ever need anything else.

To many things to ponder.


Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 11:32 UTC

agree with Atl, wonder how to define education higher or lower? or is it salary actually, higher-paid major or degree? well, it's understandable that market tag skills with price. but thought education is deeper research on some subject, collecting more valid data related to it, realizing how ignorant, narrow-minded one had been, correct the misjudgments based on limited information.
education better oneself, making us more understanding and helpful to each other, enhancing the whole civilization framework which is enabled to upgrade more easily, not only children but also adults have rights to 'higher' education, better life-long. education is not monopoly to knowledge privileging you look down upon others and fool them. with more knowledge we know more better ways to create, accept, integrate, help, save, coop, develop... get the ability to upgrade our exist in multi-win way,

Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 08:08 UTC

Dear asgardians,sir, Higher education programs online can be conducted on asgardia through education forum.Children will make a topic for discussion at any subject ,concern asgardians or teachers will post it's reply to the children. They will get new ideas and knowledge with each other also.Through announcement forum seminars may be conducted on asgardia higher education for children.thanks

Feb 16, 17 / Pis 19, 01 17:45 UTC

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Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 01:58 UTC

No children would not be able to comprehend many of the more advanced concepts, excluding special cases that is. So, such classes would be a waste of time. Time that would be better spent ensuring that they learn the basics and get to enjoy being a child

May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 23:01 UTC

It is true that Universities aren't for everyone. I dropped out and got my GED at 16 so I could start working and go to college early. I hated everyday that I was in a classroom. But I stuck with it and 6 years later I was given the opportunity to work with the DOE prototyping a neutron generator for (I felt the need to remove the name) 

Hypothetically, what would be the absolute baseline education for someone entering into the Asgardian Hab/Station? (Hypothetically because I am positive it will not be in my lifetime

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May 9, 17 / Gem 17, 01 08:55 UTC

Requiring higher educational levels for children, does not necessarily mean they have been offered any different education. We may want to focus on the quality of the education they are receiving. As we all know, you can have a Doctors degree, but how you got it and what your grade was does make a difference. 

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 04:16 UTC

No, Asgardia should not require from childeren. Asgardia should provide any education an child is interested in. Intellectual opportunities are made by providing the right education to all. I rather include than exclude because what will you base your conclusion on? Because the fish cant climb the tree?

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Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 14:02 UTC

Require? Hell no. Offer, yes. Kids have an insane capability to understand almost anything we throw at them, and thats dulled down by mandatory classes and grading systems outside of their interest. Can you imagine how powerful it would be to offer the education without limit, just to watch them learn? You could have kids with Ph.D's, absolutely. But having anything required from them exponentiates the problem. I hated school, and I have an above-average intelligence. Conventional schooling is the problem, its over 100 years old. We have the means to have AI work with each kid in a profile they sign in to for personalized growth. You wouldnt need tests, and the only thing slowing them down would be how fast they can type. No regimented or timed tests treating you like cattle for a 25% chance of being "right" even if you dont know. What a stupid system. Maybe not in the late 19th century when it was made to reflect the industrial revolution through cookie-cutter education that pumped kids out in batches, but we should have better standards. That would make a job as a teacher more intuitive and less about who does all the paperwork and GRADING, which is a bummer to all teachers. Grades do not reflect intelligence, I know mine didnt. Grades reflect diligence, but there are better ways to teach that without the expense of the future generations' creativity and inspiration.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 03:02 UTC

As a asgardian i am creating a software for all asgardians and people of  earth to bring free education and qualifications to all to can see more  about this on my blog page here at asgardia.space