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Re: Spiritual science must be a compulsory subject for asgardians.  

I think 'religious education' is what it's called in most countries. It's certainly not required in all of them, and shouldn't be in Asgardia.

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 05:24 UTC

Dear asgardians,sir We are living on earth having basic knowledge of nature.We have diffrent vibrable frequencies.some asgardians may be the specalist of spiritual science.Asgardia is a space nation having unrestricted society so persons having secret knowledge of natural phenomina should come ahead to save humanity on the earth they should show us light to get impossible success to intelligent asgardian society.I am very grateful to those asgardians who are deeply and seriously taking this subject and posting their valueable ideas.we also suggest them to tell practical aspect to get more unlimited frequencies of nature .further thanks to all interested in spiritual science.

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 09:58 UTC

Dear asgardians, There are many type of evils in this universe .Any evil thought or idea enters in human mind our spiritual power must remove it at once If it will take time evil idea may be powerful to come in action so to control it our mind must be sicerelly trained to get rid of from ideas connected to evils.To train our mind we should practice Meditation through Pranayam process I think so.

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Respected sir, I think that your thinking is very serious to everybody.My goal is to get deep knowledge of spiritual science.thanks.

Jan 25, 17 / Aqu 25, 01 13:47 UTC

I agree that meditation brings positive benefits and that some form of moral education should form part of a school curriculum. Sport and other group activities also teach children to work as a team. I do have concerns about conflicting religious practices on Earth. It saddens me, and many others, to see people trying to impose their own beliefs on others. For some, spirituality is a very personal experience and most people believe in doing what they deem to be righteous. Nobody can take away a person's personal aspirations.

After reading some of the other posts in this thread, it seems to me that there are some differences of opinion and perhaps a compromise will be reached. It is a very valid point to raise. I don't have a problem if someone wants to believe in Odin or Thor, but I prefer to keep my personal beliefs to myself in case they conflict with yours.

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 07:13 UTC

Respected sir, We should not worry for the opposition or conflict against any idea given by us because there is a natural conflict in the usniverse between good and bad..Spiritual science is a collection of good ideas and Odin or God is also a simbol of good not of bad. There are religious conflicts too.We should also remove the dark thinking of religions then we will get a concusion for the success of spiritual thoughts.thanks

Jan 28, 17 / Pis 00, 01 09:09 UTC

omprakashgupta, I like your enthusiasm, although the question is tricky. I don't think it should be a compulsory subject, but I think that some historical information about world religions should be taught to children, providing it remains impartial. If someone decides to take up meditation, then that is a personal choice. Spirituality means a lot of different things to many different people, so designing a curriculum for a subject like this will undoubtedly be problematic.

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Respected sir, Spiritual science will not be a compulsory subject like earth countries.Education will not be applied like earthly nations.It is a space nation Asgardians are about mature personalties so all we should apply spirituality in pratical life.In the sense it must be compulsory. For children it may be a problem realy so it is useful for matured asgardians.Thanks.

Feb 18, 17 / Pis 21, 01 21:26 UTC

Every asgardian should take keen interest in achieving positive results of spiritual science ( science of mind) through the means , Meditation and Pranayam.It should be a part of our daily life in the sense it must be a compulsory subject. thanks

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Feb 19, 17 / Pis 22, 01 21:13 UTC

I do not think any such class should be mandatory, offered perhaps, but never mandatory. So many folks seem to think spirituality has to do with fairies and things like that. But it does not, it's actually the study of what makes people who they are, why they do what they do, how what they do affects others, and helping people to understand that regardless of our differences we are all human brings and should not let our petty differences separate us. Which qualifies it as a legit field of scientific study, after all science is all about the study of things in order to gain knowledge!

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 09:13 UTC

Clive sir, as computer science is a subject same way spiritual science is also a general subject. It is not connected with any religion i am not trying to carry any religion in asgardia.thanks.

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 20:08 UTC

A moral education is one that declares failing students to be moral degenerates. A moral education system is one that declares the values of one culture as superior to all others. Whether you believe in moral relativism or not, the simple fact is that there are many, many systems of morality practiced around the world, more systems than there are languages or cultures. A moral education system has to draw a line on what values are immoral and which ones are not. A moral education system in Asgardia will inevitably declare the vast majority of values brought by Asgardians to Asgardia to be inferior.

An amoral moral education is another term for deontology, the branch of philosophy concerned with rules and ethics. Mandatory philosophy classes are certainly prudent, but I don't think it should be limited to deontology alone. A general philosophy course would cover Spiritualism, a branch of ontology, which is what Brandon7 seems to be discussing. Philosophy, when it is regarded as a science, is generally considered the softest science. It resists the scientific method, because philosophy is purely subjective, barring ontology proper, which nonetheless resists almost every application of the scientific method. See Dennett's heterophenomenology and the critiques of it, if you are interested in attempts to objectify ontology and the surprisingly passionate insistence that it can not be objectified.

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