Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 14:39 UTC

What does an Asgardian school look like?  

I see a lot of topics about Asgardian schools, mandatory education, and curricula, but I am having trouble imagining how that would work. For now and (as I understand it) for the foreseeable future, Asgardians will always be foreigners or dual citizens in other countries. Therefore, Asgardians will always be subject to the educational systems of other countries.

My question is, given this reality, how could there be an Asgardian educational system? Do you imagine Asgardian schools as private schools in other cities? Is this conversation purely speculative about some society on a space station in the distant future?

Or is this discussion about an Asgardian educational system a red herring? Maybe the focus of education should not be on curriculum development but on adult education. This can include essential skill-building within the Asgardia community but it can also include education about Asgardia to the outside world.

What are your thoughts?

Feb 22, 17 / Pis 25, 01 07:49 UTC

There can be an educational system within our current scope of operations in a similar concept to online learning courses. For myself at least anything else is speculatory for when we have so much more than a space station. And it won't be that distant, not compared with how long it took to get to here.

Adult education - although there's nothing to specifically limit to this remit - is the most sensible focus of effort, however planning for the future is sensible as it will allow to solve many problems before they actually manifest as a problem. As we are in no pressing rush for this the mistakes we make should be few and result in minimal damages.

I don't think any information "about Asgardia" should require specific education to impart, or that Asgardia should in any way impose anything - even knowlege - it should certainly be offered, and available to anyone seeking but it's not something we should be going out of our way to be throwing into the faces of others like some religeous cult desperate to fold in more people to support whatever scheme it's fronting. The only really practical "education" currently available for this would be the website itself - those interested will find it, almost two hundred thousand have so far - and if they decide they like the look of what they see they are welcome to immerse themselves. In the forseeable future I don't predict much of that to adjust. If we truely have a better way, we should have no requirement to advertise this, it will speak for itself. The less this is pushed upon others the more likely they will decide for themselves to adopt it for themselves.

Sep 21, 17 / Sco 12, 01 02:44 UTC

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