Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 03:36 UTC

Ad Honorem system  

Hi fellow Asgardians, whta do you think of having an Ad Honorem system for our ambassadors like some small countries do?

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 10:12 UTC

I personally think such systems have place in more than the diplomatic corps. Everywhere pretty much.

To ignore the advantages brought by the savings, it stops people attempting to do things they don't want to be doing anyway just to get some form of compensation and thusly avoids the almost countless problems that generates.

Mar 1, 17 / Ari 04, 01 13:38 UTC

Ad honorem is a Latin phrase that literally can be translated as "to the honor". When used today, it generally means "for the honor of"; that is, not seeking any material reward.

Quoted from the Mighty Wikipedia!

To be quite honest, I'd like to see the majority of the economy set up in this fashion. Individuals CAN request resources for capitalistic ventures, but the nation would then be the shareholder for the companies in question and reap the benefits which would then be filtered back to the nation's citizens as a whole.