Oct 27, 01 / Nov 3, 17 09:06 UTC

I apply public service diplomacy for No.6 zone municple french asgardien zone  

I want apply public service No.6 zone muniple  i want job for diplomacy. I am french lecture. I will for all heart service all asgardien. Merci  thanks  i have expremence job for municple 

Oct 27, 01 / Nov 3, 17 14:35 UTC

Currently the only jobs are volunteer (ambassador is an elected position and I think requires 10'000 votes if not more) - you can check out the forum on that here: 

French: Actuellement, les seuls emplois sont bénévoles (l'ambassadeur est un poste élu et je pense qu'il faut 10'000 votes sinon plus) - vous pouvez consulter le forum ici:


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