Jul 25, 17 / Vir 10, 01 09:45 UTC

We first developing relation deplomacy to U.S , Canada . E. U nation . This can nice life by we citizens . Can take up we nation position international .  

We should first developing E.u nation , u.s . Canada . We country need these country helpful. We citizens can nice life by good place . We citizens and these nation can honest and stable life . We nation need these country helpful to U.N and E.U . These nation can helpful we citizens at worlds any place. We country can helpful these country, too. These country is desmotrc and honest country. Can believe . We nation need these country free border or easy pass.  

Jun 7, 18 / Can 18, 02 17:52 UTC

Hello Asgardians

I believe our country should make diplomatic relations with India, not because I am a citizen of India but because of following points

1. India has cheapest space technology, remember chandrayaan and mangalyaan. Their space projects are cheaper than ola and uber.

2. Surplus of technical labour. If you see NASA than 70% employees are Indians.

3. Huge population - Well with huge population we can get extra support and I believe most of them will be ready to volunteer for different projects.

4. Last but not the least the process will be easy because Asgardia is actually India in space. If don't believe just read their constitution.

Your fellow Asgardian