Oct 25, 17 / Oph 18, 01 01:46 UTC

How will our Safety and Emergency Management Planning be addressed due to the inherent risk and dangers of self contained environments outer space?  

As someone who is involved in Emergency Management how we will develop our emergency operation procedures and disaster plans?

Oct 26, 17 / Oph 19, 01 23:09 UTC

While not all dangers can be mitigated, no matter how hard we try, what the safety and emergency management planning will do in order to address such risks is, first, to recognize the risks involved.  With the dangers known to us, we can test various methods of protecting our people in a space environment.  Again, there are many risks already known, and resolved, but many more that I am certain we are not yet aware of.  This is where theory and testing come in as well.  For example, we know about the risks of debris and the speed it travels.  With this in mind, we can develop layering methods to attempt to prevent debris from penetrating the hulls of space-going vehicles.  We also know the risks of sudden depressurization and some ways to mitigate such issues as well.  These were resolved when NASA and other space agencies began sending manned missions into space and to the Moon and, one day, to mars.  Radiation can be resolved through radiation proof shielding.  Now there is the risk that there are types of radiation we are not yet aware of.  Unfortunately, while we can speculate and attempt to create a plan for these  issues, there will still be times when accidents occur.  That is simply a hard fact of space travel.  Learning from these accidents and preventing them in the future will also be key.  Then there is the biggest danger of all.  Human Nature.  We also have to keep in mind there may be the risk of individuals acting foolishly.  This can be either accidently, or on purpose, causing issues which may end up becoming dangerous for themselves and others.  This will be down to the safety protocols that within whatever vessel, or colony station, is built.  

Sep 2, 18 / Lib 21, 02 21:28 UTC

Donald, I think many who are outside Emergency Management will misunderstand the question. I am currently working on a proposal to develop a National Response Plan and Emergency Management Guidelines based on the Incident Command System with a focus on International Interoperability. 

Any Disaster Plan for Asgardia will require a focus on resource acquisition and management with solid incident management policy. Earth Regional Incident Management Teams and Earth Regional Emergency Management Training opportunities will be key in securing the safe and effective management of all phases of incident management.

I've sent you a friend request and hope that you might be willing to assist in this development should my proposal be accepted.