Here is an outline of early needs that I deem necessary. Please add what you have read or think is needed.

Pre-human accessories and development in order to facilitate a full human presence on a permanent basis.

3D printers
1- print technology for use in drones, controls
2- print nano structures for medicines

1- Drones or cubesats. Small useful platforms with the ability to string them together forming structures such as ionized nets to catch particle debris, or create solar sail structures. Tracking and detection systems aboard the networks as well as communication with central command.
2- Larger versions to use laser propulsion on solar sails in stabilizing larger debris useful for building permanent orbital installations. (The 3D printer shops)

1- space junk from earth salvaged as nano particles and collected for re use.
2- asteroids in near earth orbit to mine and keep away from earth
3- solar wind
4- intercepted meteoroids