May 13, 17 / Gem 21, 01 21:16 UTC


I dont know if this is in the right spot, so mods move it if need be. But can we have fires in space? There are many bad ideas with having fires in space but i think it would be a good idea. Come on no more smores! or storys by the campfire or nothin... i think we should have fires. But is it possible? If so how?

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 03:28 UTC

Not sure how having fires will come to play as science and technology expand...but for some current research, NASA has been experimenting with just that. Here's a link to an article and video:

May 14, 17 / Gem 22, 01 08:45 UTC

They actually have electric camp fires now that simulate the light and heat generated by a camp fire without the risk associated with an open flame (so s'mores are still on the menu).