Feb 7, 18 / Pis 10, 02 01:15 UTC

Interest in learning and application of propulsion systems for further advancement in space travel  

Hi my name is Jyle and I pose a very serious question, how would it be possible for me to help in ways of space travel, propulsion systems or any sort of applications needed to further advance space travel capabilities? After witnessing falcon heavy launching i cannot not to help.  I can no longer sit idly by.

I am more than willing and capable of learning all aspects required and I can no longer sit by and just watch, I must be apart of these sorts of feats, I want to help humanity achieve asgardian goals however I can. Would there be any way I can help or asgardia and its citizens could help me achieve these goals?

Thanks for reading

Apr 4, 18 / Tau 10, 02 02:39 UTC

From my personal research, it is not 'propultion' with the definition of having legs or a spring-almost push off and whee the ship forwards, like having the support of a suspended ship (the vaccum is not quite memory foam matress material in this sense?) to push the ship forwards as if, with That in mind, it could move forwards! This is the sense of there being a surface underneath. Space is described as having no surfaces, though. It's not Earth. It goes by other rules even more unusual than the air. If we can make a car for the road, all we need to do is study it a bit more and rethink.

Apr 8, 18 / Tau 14, 02 07:04 UTC

Indeed, I think in short-middle term we'll have to set-up a knowledge sharing system, to enable free education of all Asgardians. Not only for technical aspects, but also for all other subjects.

To come back to technical aspects, I am myself an aeronautical engineer, and am ready to help by any means, either in research projects or in educational projects (I believe the second is even more crucial than the first for the establishment of Asgardia). But to enable exchange of knowledge, we need to build a centralized virtual workplace, with a very well structured network. Such a cloud platform is discussed in an other thread, and I believe it is the first significant milestone Asgardia has to reach before being able to move forward.