Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 12:08 UTC

Research on Environmental Control and Life Support Systems  

Greetings all, I have created a research report on life support systems which I suggest everyone to have a read through. This technology is vital to allowing us to live in space.

Read/Download Report here:

As a species, we have always wanted to pursue the wonders beyond the confines of our home planet. We have always innovated to overcome challenges and learn more about the unknown. Now, at the dawn of the 21st century, we, as a species are witnessing the beginning of the 2nd space race in human history and have the technologies to venture beyond our planet’s stratosphere, into outer space. The question of surviving in outer space has lingered in our minds for a long time due to all the dangers for humans present in the cold, empty vacuum of space. However, we have life support systems which are being researched and developed all over the world and because of the rejuvenated desire for humans to explore the cosmos, these life support systems are in demand with many engineers and scientists taking on the challenge to innovate the next-generations of LSS, from NASA to the European Space Agency (ESA), the race to space is on once again and the first steps to surviving and living in outer space begins with the creation of life support systems for artificial satellites and habitats. Thus, this report seeks to provide an extensive overview of the current Life Support Systems and technologies we have that allows us to survive in outer space, as well as its uses on Earth for hazardous and inhabitable environments.

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Dec 19, 17 / Cap 17, 01 08:48 UTC

Wow very nice! May i use this on a forum i've put together? I promise i will change nothing and all credit will of course still be yours.