I have been very interested in the concept of a better future if you will, and I had posted a letter stating this years ago online. The response I got back made me think at the time that I was not alone. Flash forward a few years and that sentiment has grown world wide.. There has to be something better, and how far can we reach? These ideas drive us forward as humanity, enabling us to reach for things we previously thought impossible. Being able to think outside the box, and dream a little, is no longer cause for ridicule. It is on these shoulders that humanity will stand and continue to reach.. 

There are various sites around the internet that propose ways on how to deal with these ideas, but quite a few of them never really get serious or see fruition. Asgardia however, has all the makings of going the distance, and if each person puts their mind to it, we can accomplish wonders. My thoughts are this, some of those other groups that are also trying the same thing, or similar, that would make this dream stronger, should we contact them and see if they would like to "Join Forces"? Some even have quite a few people involved with the mental muscle or know-how to make some of the future become more tangible. Research and homework has been done, so why not? 

Take for example these folks:

http://www.buildtheenterprise.org/  - (This Site seems to be having intermittent problems, but I have posted the Wikipedia link, which will tell you a bit more about it as well. That link can be found below. )


After perusing their website briefly, it sounds like they have an idea and a goal. They also have the credentials to back up what they are striving for and the technical and scientific research that they have done is intriguing. Could they help? And who else? 

What do YOU think?