Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 14:25 UTC

All-Equal Suggestion  

I would recommend to modify the way how the board members are exposed to the visitors. I think it would be better to make all members equal in their representation.

What i would recommend is the removal of the visibility of User Groups at the names They consume a lot of space in list columns and do not provide that much benefit. I would recommend to only show the highest User Group Role at the right column of every post made by members. I also recommend to replace those hand mades prefixes like "[admin posts]" with a different post background color for posts that have moderational or administrational purposes.

From my point of view, the participation and presence of moderators and administrators should be as discreet as possible.

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Reason: [Ô.ô] Please stop altering my post. If you want to note something as a moderator or administrator, do a reply.

Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 16:07 UTC

Uhm, "done" what ?