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Alternative Subforum Types  

I made these suggestions while the forums where still in the making, but I find it I should make it here as well or that it is only right that I should bring this here.

The idea is quite simples, to have more types of subforum than the usual "text list" default type, for different functions and providing alternative organizations that would also effectively help the proper functioning of different sections of the forum.


The usual forum style. A list of entries organized either by date added, last commented, popularity or user choice. The one already present.


-Gallery Style:
Entries, be them as text, images, videos or more than one thing at the same time are put side by side in squares on a grid instead of as a list, with a small preview of the content, also organized by the preference of the user to help find new entries, interesting ones or the most popular. Good for the art forums, competitions, etc.


-Document Makers:
Good for legal documents, such as for the constitution section of the forum which is still somewhat chaotic to keep up with, even if it is one of the most important things regarding our community as a whole, in the long run.
As the name suggest, it would be a subforum type created solely for document writing as a community, working together with a democratic organization and system.
In the main page of this subforum, the whole document would appear but with each of its paragraphs being a link to a topic of its own, where that paragraph would be discussed in two separate sections:

Suggested Alterations:
Each suggested alteration entry would have a small comment section to discuss that specific alteration and an upvote/downvote system, so it would work like a facebook comment, in a sense, but with a possible downvote and result for the votes would show all three results, the total upvotes, total downvotes and total sum.
After a certain amount and ratio had been reached or a certain amount of time had elapsed, the alteration would be automatically added to that paragraph, BUT, moderators would be notified first and a moderator would be required to approve the alteration being done, but with enough upvotes with a MAJORLY positive total in a short period of time, it could be approved automatically without the need for moderation approval, in which case the moderator would be allowed to void and revert the approval providing a reason for the community which could then initiate a discussion of pros and cons to re-approve said alteration again for the correct and proper reasons. The creator of the Suggested Alteration would also be able to add a comment of his own separate from the alteration, so he could explain why it is needed, what it does and express his own opinion without it being added to the document if the alteration is approved. Any number of Suggested Alterations would be able to be done, but whenever an alteration is approved that changes a section of the paragraph which another alteration deals about, its creator would be notified and the suggested alteration locked until its original poster edited what needs editing.

Open Discussion: Open Discussion would work just like any other post section in the forum.

Under the full document, in the main page of this subforum type would also be two separate sections: Suggested Paragraphs, which would work exactly the same as Suggested Alterations but for the creation of a new paragraph in the document and also an Open Discussion.

While suggesting an alteration withing a document, users would also be able to suggest deletion of said paragraph, in which case, they could suggest alteration to a few other paragraphs in the same entry (such as deleting a paragraph but adding its content to other pertaining areas of the document) or just flat out remove it from the document (such as any section being unneeded or actually harmful).

It ended up being quite a lot of text, but that is the gist of it. The idea is to provide both a creative space, for the arts, and an efficient, effective and democratic space for document writing as a community.
It also opens the possibility of other, new, subforum types being added in the future if any new interesting ideas also comes by, but these ones I think are either highly useful or highly needed, specially the document one for our constitution. So, what do you guys think?

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Perfect !

Edit: we could do a índice :like a place wheres we put the link for other topics ( unlimited energy topic, the topic about "farming" bitcoin , topic about selling sruff of asgardia) since the actual format its horrible to do that, to a more centealized information

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