Mar 4, 18 / Ari 07, 02 14:30 UTC

Asgardia is a Space Kingdom now?  

So... do we have a King?
Does this mean we have a monarchy system in space?

I'm a bit confused.. this is not what I expected!

Mar 4, 18 / Ari 07, 02 17:03 UTC

Hi, can I ask you how long have you been with Asgardia? it is very strange to hear such questions, you probably did not vote for the constitution or did not follow the last year for the life and development of Asgardia? We do not have a king, or a monarch or a king, or a padishah or emperor. We have the head of the nation and the head of state.

Mar 4, 18 / Ari 07, 02 21:52 UTC

Supongo que a estas alturas tener problemas con el nombre es algo ridículo, estamos en plenas elecciones y este usuario ¿Se preocupa de que estemos eligiendo un rey? Por favor hahaha. Es mejor que ese usuario lea todo el reglamento y la constitución como todos nosotros.

Mar 6, 18 / Ari 09, 02 16:39 UTC

Hi Aleksandr Melnikov, thank you for your reply. I Have joined Asgardia at the very beginning of it, but unfortunately due to health reasons I have not been able to keep up with the news and development of the nation.
I understand that we don't have a monarch but the name "The Space KINGDOM" expects a King which would be something I oppose. It also conflicts with point 4 of the preamble for the constitution.

Virtualfox I'm sorry - I have been absent.
I understand that you may be excited for the elections but this is a paralel subject that has nothing to do with the elections. My biggest concern besides correctness is that in the future people may use this as an excuse to change the constitution to make room for their interests based on the false concept of an incorrect name. A kingdom without a king but currently ruled by a defacto nobleman is concerning. Sorry if this sounds ridiculous to you or even offends you - maybe you'll understand my concern some day.

Thank you for your feedback.

May 8, 18 / Gem 16, 02 03:15 UTC

vila4480 I also feel uncomfortable with the the word Kingdom and on a similar note I bought up the subject of the crown in the coats of arms:

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May 8, 18 / Gem 16, 02 03:19 UTC

A Crown (A Kingdom, A Monarchy) reminds me of the old ways of earth. I thought the CONCEPT was «ASGARDIA – THE SPACE NATION» which reminds me of a city (A Nation) in the sky. It is not a silly subject in the long run its quite important. 

Government system : Head of Nation                Not Head of Kingdom

The word KINGDOM in the title of the web page and a crown in the coat of arms sends mixed messages especially to newcomers to the web page. That is why people are asking questions. There is no need to attack people asking this question because its literally the first thing you see In the title when you visit the web page. 

So my friendly suggestion and feedback is that the word Kingdom be replaced with Nation in the title of the web page and the crown in the coats of arms also be replace with maybe a space station (or any other symbol that Asgardia stands for). Obviously this can be done or discussed after the elections, it would of been nice if this was done before.

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May 10, 18 / Gem 18, 02 11:11 UTC

I have to admit that the Facebook page and Asgardia space news does say 'Asgardia The Space Nation'.  

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