Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 03:07 UTC

Contestation agains a moderation.  

Hi, Dear Asgardians. I presently run a campaign to be parliament member. As it's important for the citizens of Asgardia to know for who they vote I have presented my LinkedIn profile by liked in my function and company name as "CEO at the company X" to not mention his name again. I do sincerely believe this information who do not contain any product or services was following the rules and regulations d'Asgardian in form and spirit. The name of my company as never being mentioned in a promotional optic except for the promotion of my candidature as parliament member for our loved Kingdom. Mentioning the name of the company following my title as CEO it's important as the CEO of a hotdog stand may not be a proof of competence. The mention was " Now the problem for the cost of the launching will be fixed and as you know as PM and    CEO of [removed link]  I will be able to get a nice deal on that one.". CEO of what that makes a difference. 

If anyone knows where and how I could contest this decision, please do reply for the best interest of our nation.

PS. All the moderators of Asgardia do an exemplary work. We are all human and we remind as "ONE HUMANITY ONE UNITY ".

Jan 4, 18 / Aqu 04, 02 05:55 UTC

Thank's, that was faster than my expectations :)