Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 21:28 UTC

Formatting Tools Needed for Posting  


The forum needs formatting tools for text. The tools for bold, italics and underline, the ability to create bulleted and numbered lists, color options, and link management, at a minimum, are desperately needed.


Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 21:31 UTC

These tools are present, but not explicitly. I believe the forum uses Markdown. Though, not everything works.

Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 21:33 UTC

yes please an Editor of some kind, just wanted to make a post about this too. thanks for creating faster then me!

@MaskedChimp could be markdown yes, as html code is just getting deleted

Cap 19, 00 / Dec 20, 16 21:49 UTC

I think he means tools as buttons that automatically apply the formatting code to the selected text and not the code itself.
I believe him to be quite aware of the formatting code as he used linebreakers in his text, which would already point to him having read the formatting guide.

I actually quite agree to this suggestion, having buttons/tools that help format the text, if and when possible.

I'd also quite like for Hyperlinks to work correctly, be able to add images to the post and maybe even embed videos from portals such as Youtube and Vimeo as added tools.
Maybe even a "spoiler" format tool, making the text hidden unless a "spoiler" button is pressed.

Cap 20, 00 / Dec 21, 16 17:55 UTC

Actually you can use the current formatting styles to design posts like this one:

But an easier way would be welcomed.

Cap 20, 00 / Dec 21, 16 18:41 UTC

I would like to see what others wrote while I'm writing. Makes ceeping the connection much easier. (nevermind, just fund that. Just not used to the position ^^) And a quote funktion to make it more clear what I am referring to.