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Current Forum functionality is quite raw, so i would like to write, what I would like to see implemented in nearest future: 1. Actual tree-like answers behavior, so there is possibility to answer anyone in topic, not only original post. 2. Voting on posts. That would be horrible waste of space, if I have to manually write, that I agree with something said. That would also allow to sort topics by importance to Citizens, not only by last post. 3. Messages about answers to my posts. As I understand, currently I can only subscribe to topic. 4. Personal messages. 5. Multimedia allowance in posts, and keeping them on forum server, instead of as links to other servers, so they don't suddenly disappear.

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I like your ideas, but I also feel the need to point out that this is not a forum set up for Asgardians to communicate with each other. This forum appears to have been set up for Asgardia's staff/government to communicate to Asgardians, and receive feedback. Us being able to leave messages for each other seems to be a side benefit more than a purpose.

What you are describing would best be done on a non-official server. Being able to send private messages from one Asgardian to another, for example, opens up the possibilities of harassment, privacy concerns, and worse. Those are things that the 'government' shouldn't need to worry about dealing with right now.

Mar 6, 17 / Ari 09, 01 23:36 UTC

To be honest, "the government" doesn't need to worry about those things. That's what the moderatoration staff are for.

With the implimentation of a PM system one would also expect the abilitiy to flag messages as abusive(but, one would expect this of the forum posts) at which point these offensive messages can be dealt with by the moderators in the appropriate manner.

  1. Responses to individual posts in a nested tree fashion - preferably collapsable - is definitely a good idea, especially when there's a complicated subject with a lot of input. It has been mentioned before as a suggestion for addition/improvement, but for some reason it's been ignored when it comes to penciling in improvements. With the speed at which the currently earmarked improvements appear to be progressing, this isn't entirely an inhibition.
  2. It wouldn't allow to sort by "importance" - it would allow it to sort by "popularity". Commonly this tends to result in high "upvotes" not for which content contains the most merit, but which content had the fluffiest kitten. All it can really impart is what other people think of that content - what should be of more concern is what you think.
  3. Replies to a thread should be easier to detect than replies to a post(unless the nested tree from 1. applies). How would you propose this actually operate? as in, how are these "messages" manifested? Email? SMS? Pop-up? Semaphore? other people suggested this for more facil things like mention of username - this should result significantly less spam, but still result in much warrentless traffic - if you was interested in the topic you'd be following replies, else it's not really of that much interest.
  4. A PM system is supposedly in construction. It has been for some time. The 90's had this, maybe we should give them a call.
  5. Multimedia on the forum is not something I would reccomend - it would rapidly consume considerable space as thousands of users post the latest photo of their dog in hat, or the video of their significant other attempting to parallel park and mowing down the local brownie troop. Links are better - it keeps the media from off the server, there should be some storage space provided IMHO, but on a practical aspect to put 5GB/user up it'd take about 200 8TB HD's, Six 4U blades kitted up with a couple of grand of RAID card and mobo, minimally. Plus hosting cost, backups etc. Not cheap. - however, also "inbound" are supposedly collaborational tools which should allow for both more usable mediums and "multiplayer editing" which should result in some productive capcity beyond 10000 chars of text. Concerning dissapearance, lots gets archived on projects like the wayback machine. Truely, make use of the internet if you think it may dissapear. Make many copies - store in multiple geographically remote systems.