Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 01:11 UTC

Like button  

We really need a like button, it such a pain to see there's some comment that you agree on but you can't express you agree with it. Although I do notice some concerns if we add a like button, people will just make post that will attract the most like but I do think it's necessary since it's a way to show people someone agrees with them.

Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 11:44 UTC


If one likes something another says, they should feel the need to write it out. I have always seen "like" buttons as an extension of the need to belong. Not necessarily a bad thing, but one which minimizes participation instead of encouraging it.


Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 17:35 UTC

I have to agree with Phicksur.  The "Like button" will potentially reduce the already low participation rate in these forums.

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 18:05 UTC

I LIKE the way we're not having a like button: more persons posting what they like or dislike.