Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 02:38 UTC

Observation, suggestion, proposal - from now into the future  

Dear fellow citizens (though this topic is mostly for admins' attention),

I would like to introduce and propose several suggestions for Asgardia based on my recent observations and experience. No offense meant.

To start with, I would suggest to reconsider the process for new registrations/citizenship. For the moment it is not as straight and obvious as it has to be. Make it simple and step-by-step, with every step providing certain level of feedback and status, so newcomers are aware of the state – and what is down the road next.

Unfortunately, the current website setup resembles a mess, and a new citizen will most likely get lost in information piles. Would like to stress that forum is NOT the best and efficient form of communication to many topics currently being listed there. But the most vital thing is that something like “Get involved” section with the website is the must even at the current stage.

And yes, it is a bit strange to see people using nicknames here instead of real names. Open society has nothing to hide, right? :)

Now onto more global things – a draft sort of a Master Plan. My question to Lena received a no go during today's stream, therefore I will have to start it from a scratch. Won't stop for detailed clarifications, just statements for the moment and place.

It is a must for Asgardia to have and operate own launch vehicles – and a whole set of scientific and research institutions. Such setup means enormous financial resources necessary. Crowdfunding, donations and even solar cryptotrading won't help.

Regardless declarations and official status for the time being Asgardia has to become a Multinational Gigacorporation here on Earth by functional meaning – offering as many products and services as possible to ensure sufficient investments in real space programs.

Such approach dictates the soonest development and deployment of Asgardian Communication Platform as the first measure, which will serve the purpose of bringing Asgardians together and closer, will boost internal economic structures and cooperation – and will become the all-purpose platform eventually. Needless to say such application has to operate with any device and means.

I would appreciate admins to pass this message to Lena – please also note that it is just impossible to list even details for above here, and I have quite a lot to add and say.

Thank you for your attention and assistance – and hope to hear from Lena soon.

Keelah se'lai!

Nov 26, 17 / Sag 22, 01 15:25 UTC

@Joshua: I completely understand and agree with your concerns, however, current threat levels are high enough and those really willing to steal your identity will operate in ways nicknames are not protective against...

Nov 29, 17 / Sag 25, 01 01:43 UTC

Folks, this is NOT funny at all.

One of the major problems of today's world is not providing replies and actions, when requested or expected to do so. I truly hope Asgardia will NOT proceed the same way - on the contrary, providing 100% (or doing the best) answers within reasonable timeframes.

Guess, feedback section of the forum has to be the most monitored, therefore, three days of silence are pretty... discouraging. Hope for the soonest reaction.

Keelah se'lai!

Nov 29, 17 / Sag 25, 01 17:57 UTC

@Joshua: many thanks for the info, however, this message is addressed to admins who are expected to check everything (forum, FB, etc) on a frequent basis, especially those sections related to development. Pity if they do not...

Dec 22, 17 / Cap 20, 01 22:41 UTC

No reply from any source for 1 month (!)... Great, Asgardia! :)

Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 11:21 UTC

True, But starting companies and so on Comes often with investments and thereby risks. So what i suggest is That people here that are willing to start a company and then donate their money here and of course you can probably use this site to find investors to your company but that is a much more effective and a safer way for asgardias assets that people have donated.

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Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 16:21 UTC

I have purchased equipent to make many things , said I would and be making and selling a stuff to the asgardia population and donate a good portion to asgardia. They didn't reply when I asked if that was ok . Well now the profits that would have been donated  goes to me buying and restoring cars . It's sad they can't get there act together I Meagan look at this site REALLY!

Jan 9, 18 / Aqu 09, 02 02:56 UTC

Guys, that's nice and fine, however, major projects require strong and powerful centralized management from the very beginning. And that's what Asgardia lacks (and lacks majorly!) for the moment...

Jan 9, 18 / Aqu 09, 02 13:45 UTC

Hi Alexander! I apologize, but I did not realize you were looking for a response from an admin, and I'm sure you realize that Lena is very busy as the project of Asgardia is not the only thing she is working on. But she does devote a certain amount of time every day to take care of business here. One way to get your proposal reviewed by the administrators quicker is to follow the guide mentioned here including the email address to send the information to. This goes directly to the administrators. You can find the information that should be included here -

I hope this is the information you were looking for, if not please let me know. 

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Jan 9, 18 / Aqu 09, 02 23:19 UTC

Zahira, many thanks for your reply and information provided. Of course, I am aware how busy Lena is (I also have a significant experience working at executive levels), however, I also know that there is always a possibility for some time to spare for... significant (if not vital) topics.

I tried contacting adminteam several times in multiple ways (e-mails, Facebook) - with no success at all. Therefore, I would appreciate an in-house lead from you or Rebekah - in fact, in-house connections work at the fastest.

All I need - just a message from Lena (admin team should have access to my e-mail information) so we can arrange a direct phone call via Viber/WhatsApp. I am sure, she will find my suggestions... interesting :)

Once again - many thanks! :)