Jul 18, 18 / Vir 03, 02 15:25 UTC

Re:passport free of charge  

I am a cnditade of perlament Ministry of citizen in distric#13 bangladesh. Still I am waiting for my passport and Id card. So how long will take to get it. 

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 09:46 UTC

I think Ann is only being a concerned citizen of Asgardia, which in fact is a good thing. Asgardia will eventually have a very bad reputations if Her passport is misused by dark-minded characters. I think both passports could be stamped by the Visa issuing country you're visiting if only such a practice will be allowed or something similar. Or, just gum both passports together in such a way that both countries will be seen by the embassy, Asgardia and your Country of birth.

Nov 25, 18 / Sag 21, 02 09:49 UTC

Good one, Ann! I prefer something like that. I don't want this good nation to fall into disrepute.