Mar 11, 17 / Ari 14, 01 08:30 UTC

Re: Recommendation: Decree No 2 Abrogation and institution of a Standard Authority  

So you want Dr. A to have and use more authority?

I noted this seems to be the first mention of an Asgardian Parliament. A rider perhaps.

Mar 11, 17 / Ari 14, 01 19:41 UTC

I don't want that, he has already. No parliament, no court, one man to rule all until everything is established. That's simple logic.

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 19:17 UTC

It looks like there is no interest in responding to this recommendation. I consider this to be ignored by the head of the nation.

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Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 19:36 UTC

Is that lack of interest purely at the abrogation or does that intrinsically discount a "standards authority" ?

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 20:03 UTC

It's actually a lie that the calendar is not officially used. It's used in the decree #2 and #3. You actually don't add reasons to trust you when you lie.

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 20:46 UTC

Then you have no sense of the weight of a decree. Anyway. I don't want an Asgardia Civic response, I would like to see an official response from the head of the nation, who had issued the decree and is responsible for its authenticity and contents.

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 21:04 UTC


If you would like to send your feedback to Dr. Ashurbeyli you can do so through the email address that would be the best avenue open to you.

However, to add to what Jason has said, Asgardians are free to use or not use the calendar as they choose. It is not mandatory at all. It's your choice and always will be.

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 21:14 UTC

Does that mean that things here at the forums are not forwarded by Asgardia Civic Staff and we have to send everything serious to that email that is overseen by Asgardia Civic?

I feel mocked.

Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 22:14 UTC

I don't see how you could actually enforce the use of the calendar it should it become mandatory. None of my software accepts it and I don't predict that to change either. It's incredibly unlikely to ever be legitimately utilised by anyone on Earth beyond the novelty factor. Unless someone is able to highlight some intrinsical logic which has thus far eluded me.

With regards to "staff" forwarding, I would expect this to occur but naturally due to the operational model occur with bias - their selection of topic and supporting evidences for will naturally require reduction from the entirety of the forum input and in the process undoubtedly occur bias at the human level of the model. But you can't expect them to beat a drum attracting support for something they personally don't see the value of. You also have to observe the structure and selectional techniques/methods and question if any would have inclination to push for something that might interfere with what someone "higher" is doing as it may not be within their best interests to do so. If they are also responsible for that email account then that would definitely explain a few things about the system it's running on. It could be requested to be sent there as the civic team are not the only ones the inbox replicates into. Actually, they probably all share auth details...

Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 01:21 UTC

Hi guys,

Let me clarify, I never said that the calendar was mandatory to use. It wasn't ever stated either by myself nor in decrees. All communications by both Asgardia Official and Civic Asgardia will include both calendar formats.

Also, the citizens box is not overseen by any member of the volunteer staff.

The moderation and administrative teams do not let their personal feelings get in the way of the jobs that they have been entrusted with. They work hard at their jobs and try to maintain a professional attitude when interacting with the community. All current proposals being overseen by Civic Asgardia will be forwarded along to Asgardia Official once the current round is completed. If any member of the community had sent in a proposal directly into the citizens box before the project proposal system was approved and put into place then Civic Asgardia does not have any involvement in the process so we have no idea of what has been submitted before nor if any follow up or approvals were done on them unless it was communicated directly to us from either side. We are very supportive of community endeavors and feedback, we have been from the beginning, which is why we brought the project initiative process to Official so that the community could start working on some of the projects in which they wanted to contribute and why we work so hard to cultivate a collaborative and open culture within the social media outlets.

In regards to feedback on the calendar, all of the was brought to the attention of Asgardia Official as it was brought up. Including this thread as well as the feedback on the original news posting about Decree N2 and the poll on the Facebook group. Recommendations from myself and the volunteer staff were passed along as well.

I hope these answers are satisfactory to you as I am trying to be as open as possible about this issue.

Kind regards, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 02:11 UTC

I wasn't trying to suggest there was no effort placed into what you do, or that actions be generally born of emotional compromise but instead highlighting than when you're(a generic you, not an individual you) skimming through and picking up things to forwards you're naturally going to be picking up ideas you think are good and paying lesser attention to those you feel of lesser merit - this is only to be expected and how you avoid forwarding suggestions to assemble the best collection of pictures of dogs in hats.

Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 02:19 UTC

Attention means it was forwarded. The question is, where is the "official" response - or better - the response of the head of the nation of Asgardia?

Your message is clear and I'll trust it. One thing is false, facebook communications and forum communications are not in both (the asgardia proposed calendar format and the regular).

My biggest issue is. We (the people, the head of nation, the Asgardia Civic, the officials) do act in an "unstandard" environment, where things like Decree #2 and #3 easily escalate to look like autocracy.

We got a voting date on a constitution which has been composed behind the doors without any transparency (readable actual state at every time by every Asgardian), that's from the point of view of law making an issue (if people consider to orchestrate other laws for future use). The vote is also planned to be done in an undefined environment (an updated state of this website) with undefined technologies.

We got a calendar to look at, served as a decree, just to suggest do use it. So it was sold as meant to be used in the future (that assessment comes from the weight of a decree, the word resides from the latin word decretum, and means a decision from the highest point of a state-based administration aka government, decrees are executive orders - no mind twist can change that).

We will get a constitution to read and to discuss, but what's with the surrounding laws that make the vote of a constitution possible? We don't have a general election and referendum act, nor did we have a voted definition of how votes are secured, counted, limited or orchestrated. A professional approach would be to ping the community to orchestrate a simple initial election act that defines the borders on how we vote what. The head of nation then accepts the proposal of the initial election act and file a decree that immediately sets the initial election act as applicable law of asgardia. After having this done, we are open for a democratically valid vote, that is based on borders - we the people - did set.

The vote on the constitution would be done then in the same voting as the acceptance vote of the initial election act, which does formalize the double-agreement of how votes work (aka the initial election act) with a minimum of a 2/3 majority of all counted votes by level 2 citizens. All vote parameters for the constitution and orbiting details for our nation to vote on are defined by the initial election act. Having this done, we are ready to continue in a professional and remarkable way.

The initial election law could define that elections can only participate when a person does have an Asgardia-ID and has a minimum age of something. If s/he votes against the initial constitution, the asgardia-ID will be set on hold and not finished into an accepted citizenship. The vote on the Asgardia Constitution will be held on any citizenship request and handled in the same way - law established.

There are outstanding many things that must be formalized for more progress. Decrees that feels more like "yes, this like that and this might be so, and the other stuff later"-preferences of a person aren't helpful. Keep in mind that this is very public, keep in mind that every single step is making history, our history. This should be nothing to smile about in 10 years, this should be something to be proud of, to be proud of being one of the first Asgardian Citizen, participating on the first elections and first decisions as a real nation with a higher goal.

So, please, forward this to people who can decide things. Make pressure where it's needed. We have to serious and professional, for us, for those who follow and for those who does look at us. Let me know if there is any reaction. If it should not be published for any reason, contact me in private, i guarantee to not expose things.

Thank you.