Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 21:24 UTC

Romanian subforum request  

Dear All,

I would like to request a subforum for Romanian speakers.

Name: România

Address: Forum index > Ministry of Citizenship > Regions > Europe

There is currently a topic raised with the same name, but i believe (and someone already suggested) a subforum which would offer a more efficient way of categorizing threads/topics discussed in Romanian.

I volunteer for moderating this subforum and can support this role with some experience as gadmin, admin and gmod with a few other smaller discussion forums (never modded only one subforum though).

Please advise on this request, as any input is highly appreciated.

Regards, Victor (Chromanin)

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 21:50 UTC

content removed as realised inappropriate response - Please delete.

TYVM to mods in advance.

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Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 01:09 UTC

It does exist - and I'd tried pointing at it in the post I'd wanted deleted. I then realised he's asking it be further subsectioned.

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 01:18 UTC

Regional boards are intended as generic boards where anything related to Asgardia can be posted. They're special, in the sense that you can use your own language when posting in such boards, instead of English. Further subdividing those boards would increase the count of sub-forums to an unmanageable status. Chapter Advocates and Mods pandering to those boards are free to try and organize them as best as they can.

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 11:47 UTC

Thank you EyeR for pointing that out. That is in fact my intent for submitting this request.

Jason Rainbow, there is a topic, yes, but not a subforum (which would offer the possibility of multiple topics).

Alex Fume, i agree with your reasoning and fully support it. The trend you are describing is inefficient, if not even counter-productive.

I am, however, confused folowing this logic as to why there are for example an Austrian and a German subforum, since both countries speak the same language. In addition to that, the United Kingdom and Ireland, both of which speak the English language, already have dedicated subforums. And lastly, Belgium has 3 official languages: French, German and Dutch, and, well yea... Hence, the subdivision you are refering to is already present.

My initial thought was though, that since the parent forum of the Regions is the Ministry of Citizenship, the argument for these subforums is a better comprehension of the current status of citizenship and Romania is more or less "its own island" both in terms of language and citizenship.

Thank you for your input.

Regards, Victor (Chromanin)

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Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 12:18 UTC

As each thread started is it's own topic, it currrently supports multiple topics - however, I understand what you seek is a way to have these further organised.

Austria and Germany are two different places - Ireland and the United Kingdom corporation LTD do indeed share a common language(some would argue otherwise), but if English was the only measure then by having the rest of the board default to English, there's no requirement for either.

As to the citizenship - It's possibly more to do with Asgardian citizenship, as opposed to romainian citizenship. Somewhere people comming from that geographical area can congregate to begin to group themselves "locally" for various interpersonal discussions, and simply somewhere they can post where others will be able to easily understand thanks to a lack of language barrier.

Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 13:48 UTC

Ok, since it seems the requested subforum isn't going to happen, please close/delete this topic.

Thank you.