Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 02:46 UTC

Voting on leadership, and candidate profiles  

I noticed that candidate profiles are made specifically for one "tier" or another, such as for Debutant or Trendsetter. But doing so causes a new blog post to be made for each, and votes become specific for the tier, necessitating a person to vote for all the tiers individually.

I think it would probably be better to have a continuous spectrum--one profile where the tiers are reached by the votes meeting milestones instead of each tier being its own entity. This would reduce redundancy and make voting more sane.

Jun 22, 17 / Leo 05, 01 14:32 UTC

I think the same. Even to be a requisite to have acomplish one tier before applying to the next. It would filter candidates and improve the piramidal structure. Besides I've got aware that I can only vote poeple from my city I dont know if this is intended but limits the votes so much and I can't vote poeple from other countries for example.

Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 18:43 UTC

Yes, I also agree with the above posts.


Jun 23, 17 / Leo 06, 01 22:30 UTC

I can't  even get my profile correct.  I'm 72 and it thinks I'm under 18.  On Board of Directors of National Space Society and looking for a leadership role in Asgardia