Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 19:23 UTC

Asgardia Intergalactic Film Festival  

Hello everyone, my name is Dan and I am new to the forums and it is fantastic to see that the arts are being promoted in the forums on Asgardia.  I am a filmmaker, actor and stabilized camera systems tech and operator.  I also hold an FAA Remote sUAS (drone) pilot license.  I am also an attorney licensed to practice law in the USA in California, Washington, DC and Kentucky (and have offered to help with Asgardian legal systems formation, etc.)  I graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and previously worked on Wall Street before starting work in film and television.

I believe that both arts and sciences are each sacred and indispensable to creation of harmonious societies.  Therefore, in order to promote the advancement of arts and sciences on Asgardia and throughout the galaxy, I would like to establish the first Asgardia Intergalactic Film Festival and invite anyone who would like to participate to join me.  I am at the disposal of anyone who has interest and would like to tackle this small project with me.  

I propose that until such time as it is feasible to hold the festival off-planet, the festival be held at different locations each year that are significant to space travel and space science.  I am also willing to host the first festival in Los Angeles, perhaps at NASA's JPL.  I am happy to outline more specifics as to organization and structure for anyone interested, but essentially I propose to accept a variety of films ranging from shorts, features, narratives, documentaries, animated films, experimental films and music videos that the selection committee deem artistically, culturally or scientifically significant, and awards for various categories, along with 2 Very Special Awards:  (1) The Carl Sagan Galactic Science Award, for achievement in science-based or science-fiction film making and (2) The Alan Watts Galactic Philosophy Award, for original filmmaking that promotes enlightened discourse of philosophical issues throughout the galaxy.

Anyway, if anyone has any interest, I welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail.  I would also like to ask that the Asgardia Film Commission sponsor the event and will do what I can to also volunteer assistance to the Film Commission in any way that I can.

I would also like to offer my first short film to the narrative category of the festival.  You can watch it here:


Password:  Balloons

and read about it here:  <https://www.miriamsballoons.com/>

You can also see the computer controlled camera gimbal stabilizing system I built and designed here:



Dan Czerwonka, Esq. Filmmaker

Jun 25, 17 / Leo 08, 01 12:07 UTC

Hi Dan,

Nice short film you've made there. I like the quality of work that you've puted in "Miriams Balloons". I'm trying to start up a film making project myself that I can share with you later on (probably in August this year), as soon as I'm ready to launch it.

Feb 17, 18 / Pis 20, 02 11:45 UTC

If you're bored of the re-runs I suggest Salyut 7 on Amazon Prime - a film about real life events on a Russian space station.