How much do you care about a game being made of Asgardia?

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46.0% Extremely Interested

43.5% Interested

7.2% Don't Care

2.5% Against It

0.8% Strongly Against It

Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 20:28 UTC

A Game for Asgardia  

Hello all,

I'm greatly enjoying the thought experiment that is Asgardia, and would enjoy designing a game to support it. Before I can do that, I need to know there are people who have interest in the general idea.

This is not an attempt to make a game for profit. If I do design such a game, I will donate it to Asgardia and the profits can go towards furthering this idea.

If you have suggestions for a particular type of game you'd like to see, please comment on the thread. If there is enough interest, I'll open a second poll focused on picking the game that is made.

Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 20:49 UTC

I quite like this idea. I am in school at the moment for video game design and programming. I'd like to help however I can.

Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 21:10 UTC

As a Game Designer/Writer myself, I actually have quite a considerable amount of ideas as well. This has actually been commented before and has a lot of interest, has been pushed forward for quite some time as well.

I would indeed be extremely interested in designing the games lore and mechanics while also helping with balancing for gameplay, if there ever is an opportunity.
Not one game, but several, as I think Asgardia will be quite a birthplace for entertainment, bringing us several games, series and movies.

Question is, who will be the brave and innovative ones to bring about "the very first" of their categories? ;)
Who will make the first "Asgardian Game"?
The first Movie? Series? Cartoon/Anime/Animation?
Our first Comics/Manga?

Will you be one of those first?

Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 22:06 UTC

I think this is a wonderful idea, making a game for Asgardia but are we talking about a video game or are we talking about something else?

Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 22:53 UTC

If decision was up to me, I'd actually suggest for a highly modular modable game platform that can serve both consoles and any PC OS.
Like, an engine which the "Game", "Lore" and "Mechanics" are official mods/DLCs made by the engine's creators themselves (A.K.A. us) which can actually be removed or changed for player-made modules.

I'll use both Skyrim and Don't Starve as examples, as they allow for mods but are not quite modular themselves.
The idea is, imagine if you could take the world, any character, quest or basically anything out of the game easily, as easy as unmarking a checkbox or opening the "world" in a "world" editor and taking that character out, moving and unmarking the quest, or even giving the quest to someone else and changing the text.
Then, you'd save your world configuration or create a "world file" which consists of everything, from code to textures which you can post to an official portal or share with friends.

This means that Asgardia would have its own official world and game, which could possibly also be played online and be easily updateable, but any Asgardian or player would be able to create new content which he could post/suggest through an official portal or even an official thread here in the Forum, his modification could then become official if really good, go through a period of bug-fixes and adaptation to be added to the "Official Asgardia World File".

We would also all be able to use the "World Editor" to create new games or "DLC's" to the game and later, a software which dynamically allows the client/game to download and access world files from inside the game could be used to make players able to travel between "Asgardia V"(suggested name for Official World File, V for Virtual) their own worlds and visits the custom worlds of their friends.

In a sense, it would start as a game and become a "game-social network" which each users "profile" is actually a game/world/dimension of its own.

One could possibly recreate a whole existing game as their personal world-profile or have a portal on their world-profile that takes them to that game's recreation with a system option for going back to the world or to "space" where he can visit "Asgardia V" or other user's worlds.
It would be easy to provide world-files templates for users to edit and create a version of their own.

If procedural generation is used for the planets themselves, maybe there would even not be a limit to how big a "world's planet" could be, with ground customization, that would not stop users to make fine details to their own worlds and still allow for the re-creation of any old or existing game.

If something like "Euclideon's Unlimited Detail" is used, there won't even be a limit to graphics without taking any toll to graphics cards.
As a demonstration of Euclideon's Unlimited Detail for graphics, there is this video:

Real Holodeck Finally Created using Euclideon's Unlimited Detail Engine
(Totally worth watching a searching more about the company)

A system such as this seems to me like the perfect thing for Asgardia in the short and long run, It provides with a sort of "Virtual Country". It will be SERIOSLY fun. If it requires Asgardia Credentials/ID to create an account, it will provide a new reason for people to wish to become Asgardians. It is highly customizable. It can easily create a micro-transactions system which would both serve for users to make a living in their current countries by creating contents and worlds for others to use and for Asgardia's project as well. And most of all, games which are moddable could already provide a system such as this but companies do not invest on such as either they have not thought of it or do not see so much profit, while for us, there could be a HUGE profit besides "money" as money is not the only thing that can be profited.

What do you guys think?

^^ , \ /,,

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Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 03:47 UTC

The idea of having our own videogame excites me a lot because it contributes to the development to the country and other things but I see a little problem as you might know there are people that are from countries that haven't access to the exchange's departments that changes your money for $, € or whatever. So I propose a way to earn money in the game and you can use it in the game because here in Venezuela is really difficult to have all the experience that a gamer in U.S could easily have.

By the way the Gabriel idea's is pretty amazing and thank you for reading me.

Sorry if this post have some mistakes. :p

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Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 10:00 UTC

actually a very good idea... First of all you need a teamwork... endeavor,Labor bla bla..
These are the most important.

you say you need a professional Studio for games (sample : DİCE , CRYTEK , BOHEMİA ) A game you can do with student information,you will not be able to make a professional game... My goal is not to offend people. I'm doing for years this job (3 dmax,maya,graphic,shop) Qatargas corporation

browser game just for the software team,too much work and enough, people to do it ( possible )

For an average game;(3d unity) single/multiplayer 3D shooter/RPG. As a minimum, we get a firm reasoning of the kind of equipment needed for the job and how long it will be needed for that job.. ( possible )

It's not like to establish such things at home ultima online server. If I'm wrong... I want to see the success of our friends here

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 13:44 UTC

这个主意很好,网游诞生以来一直是财富收割机。完全赞同推出Asgardia自己的游戏。This idea is very good, since the birth of online games has been a wealth of harvesters. Fully agree to launch Asgardia's own game.

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Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 14:13 UTC

Great Idea!

A game is an interesting way to spread the project concepts, using an interactive and fun way. I'm an indie game designer/developer and I'm available to help if needed.

Peace in space, Peace on earth!

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 18:50 UTC

I said before on facebook a game is a good revenue if its done correctly and no short cuts. but to maintain it you will need permanently interested staff who can fix any issues that arise and countless other issues that may arise but if the concept of the game is kept evolving just like we are now then it can generate a huge amount of money. i had a text based game it was great at the time now its a little dead and buried

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Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 20:01 UTC

By: Mr.Stott(Asgardian, Global Mod) on 21 December 2016, 6:50 p.m.

I said before on facebook a game is a good revenue if its done correctly and no short cuts. but to maintain it you will need permanently interested staff who can fix any issues that arise and countless other issues that may arise but if the concept of the game is kept evolving just like we are now then it can generate a huge amount of money. i had a text based game it was great at the time now its a little dead and buried

That is why I suggested a modular moddable game. What is really needed to be kept constantly update is the "platform" portion of the program, which is considerably less work. The official "game" or "world" would be kept in parallel and accept certain user entries as well, if there is interest and they prove to be useful. As every part of it is essentially "open source", whichever creation by the users can also be added to the game with credits provided to the "chain of creation".
This makes a game the the community not only is an active part of making updates, it brings a true sense of "community to it, as they actively help making new content or finding and fixing bugs.

Revenue can be acquired through micro-transactions, such as a few special contents created by the Asgardia programming crew, such as a full new smaller game with a "portal" to it that can be added to the user's custom world-profile, special character models, mechanics and so on. Users could also create items themselves, going through a small check to make sure the content is original, and put them for sale.
This would create also the first "Asgardia Market" in a sense.

As I mentioned, if an Asgardian ID is required to create an account in the first place and there is either a "lite version" for smartphones or the game uses "cloud computing" using the processing power of a servers + every computer connected to it, even low end computers and mobiles could access it with full processing power and as Euclideon's Unlimited Detail does not take a toll on graphics cards, they would also have full graphics quality better than the best graphics card in the market can achieve with no lag on a low-end smartphone as long as they have a "acceptable" internet connection.

The beauty of a system like this is if we consider "Virtual Reality" in the future (and I have a huge project towards that which I wish to bring one day, when its "ready". Looking for animators/artists if there is anyone willing and wishing to help)
Imagine LITERALLY having a whole "dimension" to yourself? If a user makes his world not to consist of a single planet but a whole Galaxy or a whole Universe, wouldn't that be the same of owning a private dimension, in a sense?

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 20:52 UTC

By: Dirk Baeyens(Chapter Advocate) on 21 December 2016, 8:12 p.m.

Hello Gabriel,
I have been following Dual Universe as a future user.
They will create a galaxy where every user is in there at the same time.
Is it in some way like that?
Grtz, Dirk.

Very similar, yes, but not quite the same.
Dual Universe follows the procedural line of thought/universe creator I have in mind for the full capability of this modular platform could create.
If you wished your "dimension" to be more like an "Elder Scrolls" passing only in one planet, a 2D platform somehow or even text-based with images, it could be really interesting if that was also possible.
So in a sense, each user's profile-world/dimension would be a materialization of their own personalities.
Some would have a really deep, really big story in 3D encompassing a whole world or even a whole Universe, some would have a simples fighting world which the ground is lava and there are monsters everywhere, some would have a nice RPG text-based story, etc.

Asgardia would be one "Core" dimension or "Hub" dimension where all dimensions "touch" each other.
And I just realized I have a real cool name for this and even a scenario for "Asgardia" main "world" that could be really awesome XD
Just noticed a scenario of mine I wrote quite a few months back could fit this idea REALLY well.

Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 21:14 UTC

Personally I think a game similar to Kerbal Space Program would be a good idea. Especially if it were more realistic in nature, and allowed us to build up to the tech level we will need to achieve to make this nation a reality. One good idea would be for it to allow for the community to suggest, and develop new technologies within the game. I have not done much in the way of game design, but I have done a bit of coding, and web design, and would be willing to help with putting in the hours necessary to learn more in game design, to pull something on the scale of KSP off with a different spin. I also am pretty decent with graphic design, etc.

The biggest problem I see for the development of something like this, is incorporating a very robust physics engine, that would allow for testing and development of realistic physical models for things like rocket engines, pressure vessels, etc.

Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 12:37 UTC


Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 16:45 UTC

I konw a game named "second life" ,where you can build whatever you can imagine or repeat in the virtural space, which is interesting.To build a game just for Asgardia,maybe some online games are OK.But there seems no different from other online games.May be we can imagine a really big magic cube, every one has his or her own cube,we can build whatever we want in our own cube.That will be 838383, a 83 magic cube.