Jan 4, 17 15:35 UTC


Ok, what form will we take for the windows.

With edges or round corners.

How thick and how many layers?

Colours for blinding, mirror effects?

Grtz, Dirk.

Jan 11, 17 20:10 UTC

Should we even have windows in the first place? They are structural weaknesses. If we do they need to have some sort of metal shield to protect them from incoming objects from time to time.

Jan 11, 17 21:43 UTC

We can make really strong glass though. I think the real problem is that glass can't keep radiation outside that good! I wouldn't be standing in front of that space-window if I were you!

Jan 20, 17 16:48 UTC

Looking at the previous posts, we should use virtual windows- screens that display from a camera on the outside. Safer that way.

Feb 15, 17 23:56 UTC

I agree with screen's ..they could be super hd touch screen's allowing far more options than a window. .like touch to zoom in or out..change angle or change to a different camera .it would allso allow for maximum protection of the space station radiation shielding and impact shielding should be our main priority ..

Feb 16, 17 16:06 UTC

Here's a cool link towards those window-less windows. I think this would be the best idea. You'd have the protection of the crafts skin layers, but still have a view of outside. https://www.tnooz.com/article/spike-aerospace-no-windows/