May 4, 19 / Gem 12, 03 12:52 UTC

Re:Certificate of Citizenship  

I've been watching from the sidelines and am increasingly amazed people are so desperate that they really believe in all this and worse than that, any are actually willingly parting with €100 for quite literally nothing at all. At least the vast gulf between those who originally signed up to this (probably for various reasons but many out of sheer curiosity) and who are "residents" (most of whom will be "fee exempt" for the first year) says it all. I can't wait to see how much further this drops after the first year. It certainly won't be enough to fund this pipedream in the way its being advertised. Thankfully most people are waking up and smelling the coffee...

May 6, 19 / Gem 14, 03 00:43 UTC

Well, I guess some officials do read these posts! 

Thank you for your reply Dennis. 

Some relevent points have been raised by others on this thread too which is awesome.  

To clarify then, if the I.D number that was issued with the Certificate of Asgardia when people first joined is proof of citizenship, then why would anyone actually need to pay any money? 

Are you saying if the CF is not paid, the I.D that was issued would no longer be valid? If this is the case, I see a huge drop in population coming!

There is no rumour mill, just a lack of information. 

You say this Certificate of Citizenship is a poorly labelled term, however, what's poorer is that it was slipped into an decree via an amendment without any prior warning or notification! 

Kinda sly don't you think? 

If it is an investment, why not advertise it as such? Citizens would have been much more positive towards it. 

As for bragging rights, you can keep them. I for one am embarrassed to even mention the idea of Asgardia to my friends or colleagues. There is no way I would publicly admit to being a part of this until it is widely recognized as legit.

Good luck with that one.

We all appreciate that this sort of thing takes time, and nothing will happen overnight. But a poster on this thread rightfully questioned whether this would ever bear any fruit in our lifetimes. 

I think it's important for you as an organisation to supplement the idea of an actual profitable investment by at least providing a real world tangible asset to your potential investors! 

I'm sorry, but at current I'm afraid this does seem like a money grab, and it's down to the fact that you have failed to deliver on promises you have made in the past.

No I.D cards, no Cryptocurrency, no UN recognition, no passports and no public recognition.

Just a flag, an anthem, a coat of arms, a website and now a government. Most of these we had circa 2.5 years ago. 

There is barely even a community, those who post can and do have some good ideas, but I hardly see any support from any officials on this forum. 

There is so much support for this idea in general, I for one think it's great. But sadly, if money is involved as heavily as it is, I think a lot of people will lose hope fast. 

Finally, I appreciate that money will inevitably play a vital part in creating this. But let's be realistic here, we have a billionaire as a founder, and many other well off officials, you CAN pull together a real campaign and gather some big time investors. But only with a loyal following. Don't lose that.

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May 8, 19 / Gem 16, 03 15:27 UTC

So sad to see that i was right about not giving ANY money to this "project"...

bye bye asgardia ! it was a cool idea !

May 10, 19 / Gem 18, 03 23:46 UTC

Yup it was a Cool Idea, about all it ever was sadly.  Mean while Jeff Bezos is sending up to the Moon soon, a real  pod, with all kinds of weird gadgets to do who knows what. At least he has the plan to, and displayed some kind of either a prototype or the actual pod. 

All Igor has done in two years is put up one cube sat.

I did decide to try and not be so much of a negative nancy and post some practical ways to fix Asgardia. But the problem is, I didn't pitch any ideas on how Igor can make an insane amount of money or how " members of parliament " can as well. SO, chances are it falls on deaf ears.

May 11, 19 / Gem 19, 03 14:29 UTC

in my case I admit that the government has so much secrecy I find it apsurdo, the only thing is that they plan to send some more satellites to the future. but in the personal sense, asgardia moves further away from its initial purpose. It is a good question about who will take the reins when our "king" dies because he is not young. When Igor is out of the equation, things take another course. I will continue and decide when I will contribute notes of my research (I still have the hope that my project will be carried out). but now asgardia has all the looks of a scam, I hope I'm wrong.

May 20, 19 / Can 00, 03 12:13 UTC

This is what I have just been informed of...

This is incorrect.  100Euros does not make you a citizen.  It makes you a resident.

The Citizenship Ministry has not determined the fee yet for Citizen, but to get a citizenship Certificate, you pay a 1000 euros

"The Citizenship fee is still just that a fee to become a citizen of Asgardia.  Your 100 Euro fee payment & Citizen (Asgardian ID) number make you a citizen."

This is not correct - it is a Resident Fee, and will be so adjusted soon in the laws and in the constitution.


That is the update I have received.  I'm not pleased with it myself.  But I must relay this whether I like it or not.

May 22, 19 / Can 02, 03 03:52 UTC

$1000 for Citizenship? What a total 180 stab in the back.

>step 1 invite random people to become citizens of Asgardia

>step 2 have them elect a government

>step 3 use said government to strip everyone of their citizenship

What The Fuck

May 22, 19 / Can 02, 03 11:14 UTC

Hello to everyone.

The Parliament and the citizenship committee are working on many procedures. Information about new updates will be made.

Citizenship Committee Member

Uğur Aydın

May 22, 19 / Can 02, 03 19:41 UTC

Oh dear! 

So the €100 'citizen fee' doesnt even grant citizenship any longer, it's now a 'resident fee'.

So if we pay the €100, where exactly are we residing? The exact same place we would have been if we didn't pay.

What a load of old bollocks. 

What's the point on ratifying a constitution if you change it all the time to line your pockets? 

Bless the poor people who did pay the C.F to become 'citizens'. I think they are more than due for a full refund.

€1000? Yeah right, after you scammed €100 from these poor people.

Every single official should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. 

Take yourselves to a corner and have a quiet word with yourselves about what you've done here, it's nothing short of appalling.

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May 24, 19 / Can 04, 03 08:49 UTC

 I just signed up and when I did there was a line that states

"You may continue as a Resident of Asgardia at no cost."

This was today. (day of my post)

Please check this out and take a screen grab.  I know I will.

All this talk about paying to be part of an idea doesn't make sense to me.


"I have an idea about getting a bunch of people together to talk about kittens.  In order for you to talk about kittens you have to pay $2.  If you don't pay then you can't talk about kittens."

Do you see where I am getting confused?

I see myself as part of every space group.  Of being part of my own space group.  As long as I can post to forums, comment on channels and talk to like minded people then I am part of that group.

I am a follower of every group, registered with as many as I can.  I don't seek ROI (return on Investment) because I am NOT trying to gain anything but humans in space.

The line I saw is that I am a resident "At no cost".

What is this thread about?  

1. You do NOT have to pay (it says so) to be a resident of asgardia.

2. You do have a voice (especially those that don't want to voice).

3. Nations (both real and digital) have gone through many changes.

4. Digital nations can pop up at any moment.

5. Asgardia the kingdom is based on a comic book but no one is dressed up.

6. 44 people showed up to the first "get together" (comicon attendance 250k)

7. If asgardia wants to be taken serious it can't be made of stuffy old men

8. If asgardia wants to have 250k people show up then let us have fun

9. Come up with a technology roadmap such as a 3D model of an "ARK"

10. Be more clear as to what we are spending asgardian "National" money on

11. Satellites do not make us a space going race, it just gives us better TV

Finally, If you want a good monetization model that will bring in billions of dollars:  

Establish a way to sell an object such as:

1. A video game, a movie, a course, software.

2. A trip aboard a space station capsule.

3. An interview with an actual astronaut.

Don't sell me an idea... I have plenty of those... If I have not proven that by listing a bunch then I have more.

Let me know if you want me to tell you my ideas about a spinning space station.

May 25, 19 / Can 05, 03 02:50 UTC

welcome Truly ,

You have complained and iterated a lot of what has already been said here by myself an others plenty of times over.  

These " mayors " and " parliament " members have been bamboozled by Igor to fork over their money so he can have his ego fluffed up and have a lil prestige to be the first " space king " or wtf ever he wants to consider himself. 

There are better science based websites out on the net, people here tend to complain more often than not , now. Use to be some good ideas floating around in threads, but the discussions died off fast as noone really seemed in having a discussion. Occasionally as I have said before, people who are considered a " mayor or parliament member " will pop in to say hello, I care, I am on it, an will get back when I can.  An what good is that ?

Flipping Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, are doing more to advance progress into space and science versus " Asgardia and Igor ".  Heck, Tesla ( I think ) hucked a friggin car into space, and all Igor did was put up a cube sat, into low earth orbit. This car that is hurtling around in space will eventually crash back into one of earths oceans from what I read.  

This website is, pretty, that is it. spammers have managed to get in, an thankfully it appears to just be one A-Hole spammer.

Anyhow...  Other than Mars One, Asgardia is the only digital / space " nation " space geared site that I know, if there are others it is beyond me. 

I mean people here don't even want to debate or talk about religion or politics, I literally go to one annoying Catholic forum to speak my mind, and i instantly get labeled a blasphemer an everything in the book before getting a ban... At least here we can complain about Asgardia and not get booted.  I do wish the conversations here were more indepth and active. It is obvious Igor is busy with his own life, that this pet project of Asgardia of his is done, an that who ever he has running Asgardia is very limited in what they can change because in the end Igor calls the shots.

May 25, 19 / Can 05, 03 12:36 UTC

Hello to everyone. 

ENG: Well, I suggest you visit the parliamentary channel for new updates. You will see that we are progressing towards citizenship verification. 

For example, if I would like to talk about my verification procedure, I will have to talk about our parliament speaker Lembit Opik. He and I flew at different points and came together in Istanbul. This news was previously published on these pages, in our digital territory. 

You will be notified when the verification process is due. That's all I have to say for now.

Best Regards

Herkese merhaba. 

TUR: Peki, yeni güncellemeler için parlamento kanalını ziyaret etmenizi öneririm. Vatandaşlık doğrulamasına doğru ilerlediğimizi göreceksiniz. 

Örneğin, doğrulama prosedürüm hakkında konuşmak istersem, meclis konuşmacımız Lembit Opik hakkında konuşmak zorunda kalacağım. O ve ben farklı noktalarda uçtuk ve İstanbul'da bir araya geldik. Bu haber daha önce bu sayfalarda, dijital bölgemizde yayınlandı. 

Doğrulama işleminin ne zaman yapılması gerektiği size bildirilecektir. Şimdilik tek söyleyeceğim bu.


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May 27, 19 / Can 07, 03 20:41 UTC

Welcome Truly! 

I understand your confusion, let me try and explain.

Originally this was supposed to be a community of like-minded individuals who supported the idea of off-planet colonisation, had an interest space and in bringing people together to better humanity.

This was based around a basic concept that everyone was equal. Even down to financial standing.

When I joined in 2017, all you needed to do was accept the Decleration of Unity (which outlines said equality), ratify the Constitution of Asgardia and boom your a fully fledged citizen with an I.D number and a certificate with your name on it, great! Your on the way to help in bettering humanity.

The animosity arose when Asgardia introduced fees and separated paying 'citizens' from non-paying 'followers'.

This flies directly in the face of all people who signed up to this based on the fundamentals of the Decleration of Unity.

So in your analogy;

Come join our site, we will grant you a special kitty-citizenship and you will help to save all of the abandoned kittens in the world. You can talk about kittens on our website with other kitten-savers for free!

12 months later...

Well, we lied about the kitty-citizenship part, you have to pay if you want to save the kittens, but you can still talk about them for free. 

My point being, I joined this site to help better humanity and to help bring everyone together in equality and unity. To maybe one day, in the distant future, settle somewhere off planet without all of the problems that earth has currently. 

To do so we all need to be citizens of one Nation to progress as one unit. Not 'residents' or 'followers' or whatever other labels they come up with. Citizens, just like any other real country.

For example, you dont have 'followers' of Britain. Your either a citizen, or your not. Simple as that. 

All this is obviously assuming Asgardia will ever have any real weight to it in the future. At the moment it's just an idea, with no real world use at all so why charge? Donate sure, but charge a fee? Really? Here lies the problem.

IMO, no-one joined this 'Nation' to talk space jargon on some forum on the internet (although that's all this has become so far). We joined to help create a community that could happily co-exist as equals in the next frontier of humanity, if this ever arises in our lifetimes. 

Fantasy? Maybe. It's not impossible but far-fetched at the very least. However, No-one joined to pay for that ideal in advance and just hope it came to fruition.

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Oct 14, 19 / Oph 07, 03 13:07 UTC

How do I unsubscribe from this farce and have my "citizenship" or membership or whatever it is cancelled and all my current information fully removed please?

Oct 14, 19 / Oph 07, 03 13:08 UTC

How do I unsubscribe from this farce and have my "citizenship" or membership or whatever it is cancelled and all my current information fully removed please?