Oct 7, 18 / Oph 00, 02 22:36 UTC

citizenship status  

Hello everyone. About a year ago I registered to apply for citizenship, I never got an email response about my status and I don't know if I am just a follower or a citizen/resident. I got a certificate but it doesn't say I'm a citizen, it just shows my name and an ID number. What does this mean?

Nov 11, 18 / Sag 07, 02 00:08 UTC

By now you have the option of paying the annual citizenship fee, which confirms your procedure into the next level of verification for residency.

It's 100 € per applicant, found on the government services link and once you receive it, it will show up in documents on the same profile bar.

I hope I've been helpful.

Nov 11, 18 / Sag 07, 02 15:22 UTC

I realise that there is a fee of €100.

But could you look into allowing payment by instalments for those who for whatever reason may not be able to pay all the fee in one go?

In this way you give everyone a chance to become a full Citizen as a step up from resident status

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 05:30 UTC

 Is the 100 euro fee too much ? If so don't worry,because according to the " Law " just passed, by Nov,11,2019 " Earth month and year "  Everyone from the beginning and forward, will have to " pay " a " Citizenship fee " aka a " Tax " aka this endevour is going to down the tubes faster than poop going through a chicken. Because here in reality, in the real world, where you go to jail for not paying taxes, and you have bills to pay, an food to buy, paying an extra 100 euros, or 113.00 in U.S.D, a year [ Forever ] is insane, and for what services ? Oh for a " digitial citizenship card " that does absolutely nothing, and provides you the one paying that hard earned real, physical " earth money " again nothing. So now on top of being an " Asgardian " guess what, you are now literally throwing away 100 in cash, to people, who provide you no services what so ever, other than to say, hey thank you for making it possible for us to get into space and maybe one day in future generations make something on the moon or some thing else of the kind in space.

Or we will use those funds to pay your government because they need a paycheck, even though Asgardia doesn't have an economy, or jobs, or anything other than this website, a dead forum, and a facebook page and a youtube page.

Don't be a sucker, don't waste your good money, for someone elses " dream " that is only suckering you out of your money so that rich jerks can slap around and yuck it up some where in a hotel, or at some confrence to swindle more people into buying their crap.  They may have done well, to file paper work, with in the real world , to be considered a " Government entity "  but suckering people out of money, to fund themselves and a website, and providing nothing in return except empty promises of a possible future that we wont be alive to see if it comes true or not, is a joke, and all it is doing is setting up a bank account, that someone down the road, can cash in on, and say, oh so sorry we gave Asgardia a good try, the rest of this money is ours now, we thank you for your donations, and we pinky promise to give some of this money to charity. 

Don't be a sucker. You have been warned.

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 05:41 UTC

 Oh another thought . The only real way this scheme is no longer a scheme, is by creating a government financial institution or bank, that has a law in place, that says no individual, in the government, or citizen of the " space kingdom " can use the funds for personal reasons ever. There would have to be very serious legal wording that says the money, can only be used not to pay " government employees, or parliment or what ever " but only for physical scientific and or endevours that are proveable to be in the works for creating a base on the moon, or some kind of international space station but labeling it Asgardia, that any citizen would be granted access too if they are a paying member, and then file some form which states they have to wait before they get a turn aboard. and basically then we are talking about hotels in space. commericalizing space. 

Because a real society, not only has laws and government, but a military, police, an economy, etc. 

As far as I am concerned, Asgardia going down this road of having a yearly membership fee, has officially killed Asgardia.

a 100 a year and all you get is props, and a digital card, not even a friggin real coffee mug, with the Asgardia logo on it or something sheesh.

If they really wanted to make money, they should have considered Merchandising Asgardia as a brand , a name, an idea, not this scheme, this joke, this lie of a " citizenship fee "

bunch of con artists.