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Re:Contributing to Asgardia  

i know right

we, the people, just have to wait around for this 'government' to make these plans that could be finished in half the time. If they only allowed us to work on things...

I cant even vote, im too young, so, hopefully soon they can allow many people to actually be apart of this, rather then a number for population.

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 04:54 UTC

 Another problem is, who owns the rights to " Asgardia " because lets just say I paid that " Citizen fee " then it seems to me, after paying that, and on top of my pre registered and verified stuff that I did to first get on here, I should be able to create my own business online, for example Asgardia Coffee, in theory I could set up an online business that ships coffee internationally , simply find a coffee supplier, slap my business name on it, pop on the Asgardia logo, and now ipsofacto, I am the very first Asgardia business , operating out of the USA, and with that income, I should then have to pay taxes as an Asgardian citizen. The question then becomes, do I have to pay two taxes, one to Asgardia and one to the US government for operating this business in the USA ?

Or if Asgardia had it's own Internet Web Provider  and I operated said online business on that website, would I then only have to pay taxes to Asgardia....

 Now if  " Asgardia " is Trademarked, then none of this matters. 

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 08:28 UTC

Hi Kalevipoeg,

about volunteering you can see in

Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 14:43 UTC


As a US citizen, you have to pay taxes on income derived from the US, even if you're a citizen somewhere else, or live anywhere else (on the planet). This continues until you renounce your US citizenship.

Expats still must pay on their US income, and still must declare income they make from the other country they may spend the most time. The income must be declared, but only after a certain limit does the US tax the US citizen require taxes to be paid on that too.

If you're a non-US citizen but are operating a business in or through US soil, then you're required to pay taxes to the US on that income, plus any licensing fees, registration requirements, etc.

I'm not an attorney or an account. Your mileage may vary. This is my understanding based off reading the IRS. gov website and previous research I've done.

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Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 19:53 UTC

Many people are disappointed that they thought there was some space station construction project or some kind of developing technology they could get involved in to help,

But there is only this platform here, which does not offer many options, basically it is just a passive platform, there is nothing here for people to develop,

There is no Academy to learn about Astronomy, Physics...

There is no Criptocoin to mine, not even a simulation game that could motivate people and raise some money for the cause.

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Nov 30, 18 / Sag 26, 02 07:40 UTC

@Emilio Asgardiano,

To understand this simple facts people who registered at project should just previously read the FAQ... If you await something which isn't was even promised - it is a little strange as I think.

About fees was said at first days of Asgardia (and you still have rights of resident without payment). Space ark? From the start was said: more than likely - never. Now: in very distant future. Academy?.. Who should pay to professors if do not want to pay fee?.. Are you ready to do yourself such serious work for free? Cryptocurrency will be. But not for mining... Not all cryptocurrency is mined. And to activate this cryptocurrency we previously should have economical program (approximate time of anounce: 10 december 2018).

Before to use something or register somethere - read the manual!

Dec 1, 18 / Sag 27, 02 13:57 UTC


Thanks for the guidance

Dec 3, 18 / Cap 01, 02 05:03 UTC

doesn't matter, Asgardia is a joke, just like The Mars One project.  There is no way to verify anything that Asgardia does, no one has a clue where or how this supposed government operates out of or even has a meeting. An more than likely all it is, is a club for the rich, so they can piddle around, and pretend to be doing something, all the while, the man at the top has created a brand spanking new pyramid scheme, the rich pays him, he does very little to nothing. I just like to debate , especially when laws are blatantly stupid, and especially when they have very convoluted wording and then you have people who can't comprehend the notion of either. 

 An then to say, that hopefully in the future the year 3000 Asgardia will have a real space station in outer space, and sorry we don't think we can do anything in our life time, is beyond ridiculous and a joke. 

 If this was worded not as a space kingdom, but as a DIGITAL , INTERNET BASED NATION. Then I would be like okay I get it. But when you say well, we are based on an idea, for the long run, for a future well past our life times, I gotta call BS.  

 Heck forget Mars, forget spaceships and space stations.  How about sending up one person from Asgardia, with an Asgardian Flag, to the moon, pick out a spot, an plant it on the moon and then designate that area as Asgardian property. Or if it can't be claimed as property, still just plant a flag up there. Be the first Asgardian on the moon.  Can't be that hard to catch a ride to the moon.

Mine as well, because supposedly the UN says Asgardia is real.

I am though kind of puzzled how easily fools part with their money, I really need to create my own website, promise a bunch of wild ideas and then tell people they have to give me money, or they are not members, but then also say they don't have to give me money and can stay members, then tell everyone else that it makes sense and to just re read everything.

Dec 4, 18 / Cap 02, 02 05:18 UTC

smh. ya just proved my point. 

Dec 8, 18 / Cap 06, 02 21:46 UTC

gotta side with GLC3295

Dec 26, 18 / Cap 24, 02 06:05 UTC

yo propuse en su momento un proyecto para formar un astillero lunar, la creacion de una estacion espacial.

Pero me pidieron parar mis operaciones. aún sigo en espera de luz verde para seguir el proyecto para asgardia. ya que estaba haciendolo muy completo almenos en papel


I proposed at the time a project to form a lunar shipyard, the creation of a space station.
but they asked me to stop my operations. I'm still waiting for a green light to continue developing the project for asgardia. since I was making it very complete at least on paper

Jan 2, 19 / Aqu 02, 03 18:57 UTC

@GLC3295 You cannot claim territory on the moon  as per the Outer Space Treaty.

That is one of the stated reasons of Asgardia's existence  to be able to , as a nation, initiate or partake in the discussion to change the Outer Space treaty, to include ownership of space resources.

Jan 4, 19 / Aqu 04, 03 18:03 UTC

@ Hector - I am sorry to hear you stopped because someone asked you.

I would prefer that you develop your plans fully, and then we can look at the logistics of it and see what funding is needed to complete it.

I have spent a lot of time in Acquisition Logistics Project Management, and would love to see your proposal.

As I am also very interested in citizenship, this is one of the things that can help fund citizenship.

Please contact me via my profile if you want to share your plans.

Kind Regards

Jan 5, 19 / Aqu 05, 03 04:13 UTC

 Treaties don't mean jack in space.  If one has the money and resources and ability to protect ones property on the moon, ipsofacto you can own what ever you want on the moon. Doesn't matter though it isn't like anyone is going to make a base on the moon, it would of been done by now if it was going to happen, and Asgardia isn't going to do jack because well, it is Asgardia. 

Jan 5, 19 / Aqu 05, 03 21:29 UTC

It is my understanding that a lot of things are happening in the background. The economy (Financial sector) will be created this year as will the cryptocurrency Solar and Lunar. Once the financial sector is set up the economy will be able to take off and citizens will be able to create businesses etc. 

However if you create a business in Asgardia, if you live in the United States, you will have to pay taxes on your business and income. You will also have to pay to Asgardia, somewhow you may have to pay a copywrite fee to use the name Asgardia or something like that. not sure how they plan on getting around double taxation. 

If you have ideas for businesses or even engineering plans, its best to create them yourself and wait and see what happens with Asgardia.  

I'm sure the plans for anything to do with Space have already been drawn up as the Head of the Nation has been working on this for decades now. If you go to the Facebook site for Asgardia.official. you will see a message that states the plans for this year 2019 that Asgardia will undertake.