Nov 18, 18 / Sag 14, 02 09:27 UTC

Proposal New Citizenship Fee:25 Euro 2019| 50 Euro 2020, 100 Euro 2021+  

I'll keep this short and sweet. I think the new Citizenship fee is way to high, I've contacted my local Asgardia parliament as suggested on the Twitter and was not really satisfied with the answer.

I think asking money from us is fine, but i think 100 Euro per person is way to much for the first time. I suggest a new fee:

25 Euro the First Year(2019)
50 Euro the 2nd Year(2020)
100 Euro on the third year and continuing(2021 and beyond)
More if Asgardia Continues to Grow and has Earth and Space Facilitys

If anyone else agree's or has a suggestion for another fee or no fee, please state so below, Thank You.

Signed: Haeley 'CryoKeen' Merrill Schroeppel

Nov 19, 18 / Sag 15, 02 06:19 UTC

 IF and only IF the money being asked for was only a DONATION and not a FEE, would I be okay with any such financial beginnings, they can take this fee an put it where the sun doesn't shine, a more intelligent thing to have done, would have been to request donations, and nothing more. but they probably realized well, people are not donating, because why should they, so now we will impose a fee.  which i mean is fine, because membership is going to tank, when you are requiring people to pay for something, that offers nothing in return other than promises, that is just lunacy , you have to be bat crap crazy to go, oh okay here is some money, of any amount, the only other people i know of who ask for money and give nothing in return, are homeless people. 

And at least you know they are going to do a few things with that money, use it for food, water, drugs, or booze.

Giving these strangers money, there is no telling what they will use the money for. Or better yet, wait till this imaginary crypto currency is up an running an pay them with that , or how about monopoly money.

They wont get a dollar from me, until they provide something tangible , and do not make it a fee that is subscription based, being a yearly thing.   They just shot themselves in the foot with this.

Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 10:48 UTC

I fully agree with you, I don’t understand why I have to pay so much money? until the passport is given, I will not give a penny.

Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 12:15 UTC

How do I delete my Asgardian profile? 

Nov 20, 18 / Sag 16, 02 12:36 UTC

While I agree with some sort of fee, for to do something tangible money will be necessary (and talking about real space settlements will require big money) anything over 25 euros will be way too much, be it now or in the medium term. I would pay 25 now...but not 50 nor seek this financial support from those who are now citizens are a bit forceful at this time. A fee of 25 is ok, and the bulk financial support should and must be from companies and groups who would believe investing now is a guarantee of return in the long term, and seek such support should be the goal at this stage. That is my opinion. 

Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 00:31 UTC

I agree with tax collection, the Asgardia initiative was the best thing I have ever seen on the internet, but the amount they are collection is very high for a natural person, I think this progressive proposal of value, starting with 25, is better and can attract more interested in participating in Asgardia

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Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 03:51 UTC

 Emilio, would you still be for a " Tax Collection" when you wont be told how that money will be spent, except for a vague promise of, for the future of Asgardia ?   If you still say yes, and still say the price is too high, I have to part ways with you. I would agree with claudio-leme, that what Asgardia needs is business investors, and agree that Asgardia needs money to advance a tangible future.

But to Force people to pay into what is only an Idea, even a dollar is too much money. To require for a yearly forced fee.

But the funny thing is, they could have probably gotten away with just saying something like, Dear citizens we are creating a yearly Citizen Fee of 1 dollar Euro/USD/Crypto currency, to help us start setting up a minimum finance account to get some movement going so we can then go out and find INVESTORS, or Set aside money for our next Project which is issuing Identification Cards,  which would be recognized by all nations or a passport..

 That right there, while still a pile of crap, would have at least been tolerable. But instead they got greedy, shot themselves in the foot, and asked for a lot of money from everyone, for absolutely nothing in return, Hence why they don't and will never have real big investors, like Elon Musk, because real investors, know not to invest in something that offers nothing but an IDEA. 

 Now if there was a solid economy in place first, that is, Asgardia makes or provides a service to not only its' citizens but the world, then yes an actual Tax would make sense, but as it stands, Asgardia offers nothing to anyone, we are just numbers on website, under citizens, and followers, that is it. and what ever information we put on this cube sat in low earth orbit. 

 But I suppose people have to learn the hardway, those that have zero qualms about this " Citizen Fee "  wont complain until they have paid into it for at least 5-10 years and see zero results and then maybe, one of these paying " citizens " says heyyyyy wait a minute, something isn't right, now i want to complain, and i want my money back, so i am going to get a lawyer and sue Asgardia and create a class action law suit for everyone to get their money back.

 All we get from Asgardia, is one participant in a moderator on here by Rebeka B. and I apologize if i mispelt her name, and nothing against her at all, she is a very kind person. But even she doesn't invest time in conversing here, we get a few responses now and then, which are vague and pandering, and we get these daily/ weekly posts, of post your thoughts on this topic, which no one replies too. 

 My opinion of where real communication is being done, is who ever this Asgardian government is, they are communicating online, either via Facebook, or another platform or email service online. But they are not paying attention to anything said on this forum that is for sure and or don't care what is being said on this forum.

 There is no need for anyone to go through a process to unenroll with Asgardia, simply wait for Nov 2019 to roll around, dont pay anything, and you will be kicked over as a " follower " .


Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 08:17 UTC

Well, before discuss how really big this tax we should await results of the economical discussion. If the system will be right, the 100 euros will be not so big money... Profit of using economics based on cryptocurrency can be much more high.

As an self-imployed individual I do pay right now more at month to my Earth-state.

And you still can be resident without pay anything till the time it will be profitable for you. I have see no reason to be angry right now.

Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 17:48 UTC

The Anger, is over having to pay to keep your resident status, and in return you are given Nothing, just a pat on the back.  And yes in comparison to what countries tax their citizens, it is in comparison not a lot of money.

The problem , and anger is with the threat of losing ones resident status if you do not pay on or by the required date.

I am all for donations, if anyone wants to voluntarily donate their hard earned money, into a scam, and believes it is going to a good cause, have at it. But this Asgardian government, needs to seek Investors, not create a " law " that says by Nov 19th if you have not paid your " Citizen fee " you are no longer a resident, you are now a follower.   That is a crock of crap, especially to those who have been apart of Asgardia from the start.

That is where the anger is,  I could understand for those wanting to becoming citizens now, having to pay a standard immigration fee, as do all nations require, that makes perfect sense. But imposing a " citizen tax / fee " that is unfair and unjust, especially when Asgardia isn't even recognized by the U.S.A as anything. I can't hire an Asgardian Lawyer, I can't shop at Asgardian stores, nothing, so why exactly, when becoming a citizen when things were first starting, was free, to now all of a sudden , uh oh we need money, well instead of offering anything, like a hat, or a coffee mug, lets create a " citizen fee ".

Again if it was only a request for donations and not a law, there would have been no problem, as it is, this is nothing but a scam.

Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 23:45 UTC

Well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 00:15 UTC

GLC3295  Thank you for your words, I will reflect on this.

Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 04:34 UTC

I tend to agree with the posts here. Also, the Parliament of Asgardia should incentivize people to start businesses that would then pay tax to Asgardia, and employ people who would then pay income tax. 

A 'citizenship' fee is slightly off, and smacks of a 'Mars One'- type setup. Also, a proposed breakdown, or budget, of how the Parliament plans on spending the income would be good, if not already done and made available to all. 

Rather make the 'fee' voluntary, and let it not make a difference whether a citizen pays it or not, otherwise the whole thing smacks of 'elitism'.

I refuse to pay this 'fee', and if that means that I am no longer considered good enough to be a 'citizen' of Agardia, then so be it.

Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 04:42 UTC

If the parliament of Asgardia want to maintain a modicum of credibility here, I suggest that they withdraw 'Decree 23', and hold a referendum open to all citizens, on whether or not a 'citizenship fee' should be introduced.

Failing that, they are a dictatorship that most people, including myself, will want no part of.

Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 08:30 UTC

"The Anger, is over having to pay to keep your resident status"

Sorry, but it is mistake. You can be and follower, and resident without pay anything. Fee is the payment for the citizenship. Just read the Decree and stop trolling.

Right now you just seeking profits without doing anything. And it is possible only in dreams.

To have something in this world you should do something. You do not want pay the fee? Ok. No problem. You are still resident, but have no all priveleges of citizen. Just so.

And the such project as Asgardia should have serious money to work. Or you do think all money should be paid only by doc. A. and you will just get profits?..

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Nov 22, 18 / Sag 18, 02 14:12 UTC

As much as I feel the fee is too high, I am interested to see where this goes.  Although I am unlikely to pay unless I were to receive a useable as well as internationally recognised passport.