May 18, 19 / Gem 26, 03 11:48 UTC

ScamGardia In Shambles!  

18 365


1 053 232


What does these numbers even mean?? What if you try to register an account now, does it literally not let you join until you are forced to put in money? What are the benefits and differences from being a citizen vs a follower?

Why does the Government not care when we ask for help? I need to know how to complain to my Government representative and it's not easy to find out.

I have also asked for link to the Official Discord several times on these forums and met with deaf ears. Each forum is being filled with spam everyday and its not being cleaned and old spam is not being cleaned. What the fuck kind of nation is this?

Look at this. Last posts are Spam from 1 year ago still on the forum. Really?

Lol. I mean it's laughable. how can we expect ourselves to be a space nation when we can't communicate with the government easily, can't even clean up the spam posts on our own forum. I am not perfect man, i have a messy room, maybe we can both work on it.

Jun 28, 19 / Leo 11, 03 12:58 UTC

It's completely like a Ponzi scheme...

The only services asgardia provides to us is give us the opportunities to pay...

Jul 9, 19 / Leo 22, 03 00:36 UTC

Alex, with all due respect I think we are looking for a little more than just a website, hence all the aggro. 

Latest development.... pay your C.F and you can suggest changes to the Constitution! LOL. 

Jul 10, 19 / Leo 23, 03 19:27 UTC

Because most of us are too busy working jobs to pay the bills. It would take an enormous amount of dedication and work to even come close to changing the world, it's not impossible, just unrealistic.

At least here we have a billionaire who is paying people to do most of the legwork. If Igors vision succeeds, we could well see society change for the better.

Yes the system is backwards, we can see that given the number of actual paying residents. Just dont give in to any of the fees. Hang about, and see if anything materialises.

Your probably right about Igor not caring about what we think, but he has invested in this. He should care eventually, after all this is his brain child. 

I personally think he has a plan in regard to everything and we are simply pawns in his game of chess, even the contests were pre-determined IMO. I support his visions but not his fees, I'm sure many feel the same. 


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